Sennheiser hd650 with nait xs + dac v1

Hello friends, I’ am from Chile, and I want to ask if anyone has had experience with the match described above. Thanks

I have the DAC V1 and the Senns but the Drop (previously Massdrop) version designated HD6XX. It is supposed to be the same as the HD650 I believe. The match is excellent, better than the AKG701s that it displaced! Punchy clean/clear sound.
Otherwise I use the V1 (in fixed preamp output modr) via USB input mostly into a DIY setup. In my case I found that the USB source makes a difference!?! I built a high powered server with pointers from the DIY folks at the audiophilestyle forums. Even though DIY it cost a lot more than the V1 itself, but well worth it in my case!
I do not have the experience with the XS amp but if you do a DAC V1 NAIT XS search in these forums you should get some hits? There are people here who might chip in.


Thanks Brilliant

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Hi ctrujillo07, I have Senn’s HD660S, a DAC V1 and a SN2, although I am predominantly listening through my speakers, occasionally for some late night sessions I am using the headphones. If I have to choose between SN2’s and V1’s HP output, I would rather prefer the SN2’s it is more refined, it is better overall.

But in your case I am not sure whether the Nait XS has any role when it comes to headphones, wasn’t the front panel 3.5 jack designed as an input rather than output?

Thanks Realdpg.

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