Senore optical

Has anyone tried optical to isolate from the noise generated by switches ect on networks.

How much difference was noticed in SQ. I still don’t get the thought behind audio grade network switches and the improvements they are suppose to provide. Certainly if you stream from Tidal or the like the information has already been through many switches and in some cases poor quality cables.

Still learning here

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I put a St. Christopher’s medal on the top of my network switch to clean up the noise in the signal as Tom Waits suggested but some people simply refuse to believe it can make a difference.

It’s clear to me however and there is definitely no going back to an untreated ethernet signal.



What I do know is that all wired Ethernet switches make a lot of noise which you don’t want in your end box. Many switches upstream of your system create noise.

Totally agree. Optical to me seems a logical way to separate your player from the noise on the Ethernet.
Just saying I don’t understand how expensive switches are able to remove noise.

We use a Sonore opticalRendu as our Roon endpoint and streamer. It is connected via optical cable to the Uptone Audio etherRegen network switch. The main Cisco 2960 switch is connected to the etherRegen via a Designacable Cat6 patch cable.

Inserting the etherRegen in between the Cisco 2960 and the opticalRendu did make music sound a little calmer, smoother and more enjoyable, probably due to reducing noise or ground loops of some sort.
Why? I neither truly know nor care. I just like the outcome, which was clearly discernible through our system.

Best regards, BF

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If you look at the Naim white paper of the NDS and NDX you’ll see that Naim already has implemented 2 layers of optical isolation. 1 between network and DSP and 1 between DSP and the DAC circuits. Not much point in adding a 3rd layer imho.

If only it was that simple! Those 1st gen streamers were much more susceptible to the effects of noisy network equipment they were connected to than their replacements, and putting an opto-isolator or two in them clearly didn’t eliminate it.

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Have an Uptone EtherREGEN between feed from Roon Core/Music Library & internet, UPnP server, UPnP Bridge (all on the ‘A’ Ports) and the NDS (on the isolated ‘B’ Port), and it works with improved SQ.

Have looked at bringing the feed down on Optical into the EtherREGEN SFP+ port, but the internal isolation between A ports and the B port was told was equivalent and no need for further levels or different types of isolation.
So if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it - just enjoy it.

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Personally I never heard any difference when implementing an “audiograde” network switch. But to those who say they do,fine who am I to tell you otherwise. But I’ll end here before this turns into another popcorn thread. :grin::wink:

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I am with you Pete. I never could fathom the logic of SQ improvement with different unmanaged switch’s. However those that feel SQ has improved that’s great.
Think on streaming; the data has been through so many unknown switch’s what’s the point. Guess I will have to try on sale or return.

Hi Mike,
I think you are right to be a little sceptical. Best to try for yourself and find out what works and what’s snake oil.

Best regards, BF

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Yes, but it is the isolation at the last leg before the digital stream is passed into the Network player/streamer.

You could say the same about a Power Cord, given the miles of copper and infrastructure needed from the generating turbine in the power station and the individual piece of equipment. But they too make a difference to the SQ.
As do the fuses etc.

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I understand power chords ect as it’s a filter of an analog supply a way but a data switch is not to my knowledge it’s not the same thing

Yes, there are some network switches on the market, which are just rebadged OEM versions, with questionable internal modifications etc., and these do receive a grilling over what changes/improvements etc.
There is a YouTube on one, which is still basically a regular DLink switch.

But the ones from Uptone, Phoenix, Melco, Nordost are ground up designs with consideration on the components and functionality deployed.
You have to do your homework on who and what - as with everything.

Power chords are filters? Please explain.

Not literal.

Just saying it’s not a good comparison with digital network switch’s

Great. Will go take a look. Thankyou

That makes a good read and I am going to try it. Just need to work out the architecture. 6 switches in my house and a fair bit on the network.

Thinking alterations so that ……

Router direct to English8 switch
English switch direct to Roon core
English switch direct to synology NAS
English switch direct to NDX 2

Any comments on that arrangement please.

All using CAT8 or 7 cable

Then try Senore Optical conversion from switch to NDX

Then add power supply to switch to test.

Read also this article from the same guys dated 2019.

Copy/paste of their conclusion:
“Our measurements show that there is little difference between a standard switch and an audiophile version. The clock does not generate less jitter ín the streamers. The spectral analysis also shows that there is not so much less ‘noise’ coming from the spdif outputs. Tricky. Know, however, that this is not a listening test… that’s coming. And only then can we really draw conclusions. To be continued!”

Sorry,could not resist. But that’s the last I say about it. Honest! :innocent:

Use CAT6 to preserve galvanic isolation.