I’m going down the separates route with a ndx2 as my source and was wondering what path to take with amplification. Supernait 3 or xps dr , 555 dr.
Comments appreciated as there is such a myriad of different amps in the range. My speakers are Sonus Faber Sonetti VIII.
Andy H

I’m confused (I may have not understood your wording) as you mentioned two different types of products the xps dr and 555dr are power supplies for your source, where as the sn3 is an integrated amp.

If you are asking which source power supply to use in a system with the sn3 the xps would certainly be great for that combo but at the same time if you can afford the 555 there are definitely going to be plenty of people telling you it’s a real step up. Maybe you should demo both power supplies to hear the difference yourself and see if it’s worth the price difference to you? It also probably depends where you see your eventual upgrade path leading you and if that will involve “old” classic boxes or if you will eventually switch to new classic.

Chop your nova in for a supernait.

That’s quite a lot of speaker and I’d be looking at more than a Supernait. An NDX2, 282, Hicap and 250DR would be very nice and there are bargains to be had. Or go new with a 222/250.3.

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Those speakers will sing with better amplification: a Supernait is good, and so is a Nova, but neither of them is ideal here.

If 282/ HC/ 250DR is far too pricy, I’d go for olive 82/HC/ 250. That may well be cheap enough that you could also get an XPSDR for the NDX2 - I did and it was a material upgrade.

With NDX2+XPSDR as a source and 250 power amp, you could even go for a 52 (or 252) plus SC as a preamp. That combo should be perfect for your speakers.


We have Sonetto iii

They really needed a 250DR to come good, and are awesome on end of our 300DR.

The suggestions above of going for minimum 250 with these speakers are great advice. Whilst SF are 4 ohm and relatively easy to drive they only excel when the amp really grabs them. More so with the viii I’d imagine.

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