Server mode just for music, why?

Hi. I connected my hard disk to Uniti Atom via USB, choosed server mode in settings - but my devices around see only music files. So my question is why should I listen to music on my TV, if Atom has dramatically better sound than TV? (But the movies and pictures which Atom cannot play are hidden) :wink:

I presume, as its main function is a music player (with the ability to serve music files to other devices in server mode), it’s only going to support music files. It’s not a multimedia player / server like Plex or similar.

I agree it’s music player, I like it stays music player. It’s very good music player, best in my LocalAreaNetwork and most probably best in our village. I play all music here. No need to serve music anywhere else… :wink:

If you have other UPnP capable music players they can access the music on the Atom USB. It’s not unusual to have more than one music player these days. If your TV is in the same room, sure, you would just use the Atom, but everyone has their own requirements.

Atom is best I heard in this League. Never would change. Like it!
I can connect hard disc to STB, than see all files everywhere in LAN. Just need SetTopBox to be ON. So if I want to listen to music must look for remote control to switch STB on. In case of watching TV, ATOM is anyway on - because of sound. When hardDisc is connected to wi-fi router, than it’s running non-stop…

The intended way is to use a smart TV (or an Amazon Fire stick / Google Chromecast / Apple TV) and connect your hard drive on your network with a NAS, a laptop or any computer running an UPNP server software, then use your TV HDMI ARC connected to the Uniti Atom… The movies are streamed from the UPNP Server to the TV (via internet and the Fire / Chromecast / etc.), and the sound signal then pushed via the HDMI ARC to the Uniti Atom… There will be settings to adjust on the TV and you will need to select the HDMI input of the atom, but that will work fine…

I actually use my MuSo 2 as a soundbar for my TV myself, and it is great!

No need NAS server or running laptop, today. DLNA software running good on USB on wi-fi router. But hard disc is running non-stop, than.
If connected to SmartTV, STB or Atom (all have a server mode) each of this device is switching on/off hard disc, when necessary. Poor guy is not running non-stop, than.

And to use Audio over HDMI, it’s not intended way, for me. Normal way is go wireless (Bluetooth, alternatively opical) isn’t?

I mean, why Atom (anyhow excellent machine with or without server mode) cleans non-audio files! Makes me no sense…

When running the DLNA software on the router you are limited to however good or bad that one is. On a good NAS you can install the dedicated DLNA/UPnP server you prefer, and it’s most likely better. Many people run a NAS for file storage and backup anyway. Regarding leaving the HD running, that’s probably better for HD lifetime than frequent on/off; they go to sleep in a NAS, anyway. And if you connect it to the Atom, and enable the Atom’s server mode, the Atom is essentially always-on.

Bluetooth is limited regarding bandwidth. You need at least AptX (on Android), and even then. iOS is even more limited. OK for casual listing / friends when visiting / TV sound maybe (and even this excludes iOS), but not for serious listening. HDMI is better without a doubt, as is optical.

NAS, of course, is more stable. Bigger RAM, faster. But from 70€-Asus router I got even flac playing gapless, well… I can say is usable.
Same about Bluetooth transfer from TV to Atom. It can LowLatency, now. Of course is not for serious listening, but definitely is better like sound of TVset… I can say, no need of another cables of ARC-HDMI - Bluetooth APTX is OK, today.
Auto On/off of the HardDisc on Atom’s server mode I didn’t try - you maybe right, it push to always on. If there are not all files accessible, it’s not making a sense for me, as I wrote higher.

It’s not so much about the playing, any server will manage that. It’s more about the ability to control how metadata from the file tags is being used and presented. Servers like Asset or Minimserver have many options that let users create the presentation they prefer. This is often missing or less powerful in built-in minimal servers.


… and what’s even more nice on NAS? that you have ALL FILES accessible! :slight_smile:

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