Server mode off

My atom has the ‘server mode’ option set to off but all the upnp clients on my network show it as an upnp server. Do you have an idea about it?
Thanks in advance

Can the clients connect and play from it if you attach a USB drive with music files?

I have found you have to tick the box to enable the server option then 5-mins later turn it off again. Seems to be a firmware bug.

Strange, I’ve never seen that happen. Probably worth telling Naim support so that they can add it to their list of things to fix.

I had understood (but never tested), that the server mode shall enable, that UPnP also is available while the unit is in stand-by, i.e. “all the time”, unless you switch it off or send it to deep sleep.
At least the German help text indicates, the option is about “power usage during standby” and “UPnP server availability during standby”. (As I read it.)

Seems better documentation would really help sometimes.

In order for a UPnP server to be discoverable by a streaming client it needs to remain powered up. The small SMPS that keeps the streamer discoverable in network standby mode isn’t powerful enough to keep the server, and the attached USB drive, running, so the main PSU remains live in standby mode if either server mode is on, or if a USB drive is attached.

Yes, but the option does not talk about what happens, when the unit is regularly powered-on. It does not state, that the UPnP server is completely switched-off at all times.

BTW - what features does a UPnP server provide on a unit, without a USB-drive attached?
I’m always wondering this: when you have an USB-device attached, the main PSU anyway stays on, to the “server mode (during standby)” option cannot really save any power in this case. It only makes sense, when there is no USB device connected - but what can you acmes in this case? iRadio? …?

The server is specifically to serve files to other client devices from locally attached USB drives, it cannot see music libraries elsewhere on the network.
The USB drive, when connected, remains powered up in standby because otherwise it would take some time to scan and index it every time you switched on the streamer, so it also keeps the main PSU alive regardless of whether or not server mode is enabled.

Hi, I made some tests:
If I attach a USB drive with music files The clients cannot play from it , to enable the clients playing I must enable the server mode.
I reset the Atom to the factory defaults, I made the firs setup specifying that I do noy need an upnp server into it but the atom is still visible to the upnp clients on the network.

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