Server mode on ND555

I’m experimenting with getting the best out of my ND555, having realised that small details can have quite an impact, including choice of server SW (Asset, Minim, Roon, Twonky etc).

Does selecting the Server option on the ND555 only work for USB attached devices or files on an Ethernet-connected NAS as well?

It only works for files on a USB drive attached to the streamer.

…and also it only serves the files to your LAN - it will not appear on a computer as a LAN destination you could copy files to without removing and attaching the USB device to the computer directly.

Thanks! And as far as I can gather a USB powered HDD/SDD is not recommended. I may try with a stick to see if this provides a useful reference.

You can use a USB HDD or a memory stick, both will work. The old gen. streamers generally worked only with memory sticks.

But for SQ better a stick or HDD with its own PSU - or have I got it wrong about using the USB power out causing a drop in SQ?

On the old streamers you could disable the USB power, which was supposed to give a small sound quality uplift. So perhaps a bus powered drive is not optimal. Then, you would want to make sure that a mains powered drive didn’t have a low quality, noisy wall wart, and ideally, you might want to use a socket on a different circuit to your HiFi.
These things are cheap, I guess the best thing is to try a few.

Many thanks, Chris. The initial idea is simply to try and play with benchmarks, USB stick/SSD vs. Minimserver vs. Roon Raat

Again, on the old streamers, some thought that playing from a USB stick was better than UPnP playing the same files, although I never found it to sound any better myself, so perhaps this was down to noisy networks or something. Good luck with your experiments.

I would be interested in your findings, especially w.r.t. replay from attached USB drive in contrast to replay from remote UPnP servers. It’s interesting that the new Naim streamers can also act as UPnP servers. On the other hand, it seems odd that one cannot send data to the attached drives. Not sure about the added value of such a solution.

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