Server not found issues with latest ios 5.2 app update

Thought I would share this, hoping this is picked up by app-support (@Naim.Marketing, how do I give notice of issues like these? thank you).

Since the latest update I have to (at least once a day) reboot the iDevice this issue is happening with.

What happens is that I switch around a lot between NAS (minimserver) and Tidal on my iPad (newest model). Sometimes, when I go back to the NAS, suddenly the app is searching endlesly for servers and can’t find any. If I then check my iPhone, everything is working fine, server works fine. Then I reboot the iPad and voila, it is working again. As you might imagine, a very annoying issue.

Today, I changed my n272 for an NDX from the dealer (waiting on a nd5xs2) and the same problem arises.

My lan is fine, it truly started immediately after the app update.
Both n272 and ndx are on 4.7.

Hi Rex, in the first instance please could you contact Support ( They can go in to your case in some detail and, if required, run some diagnostics on your network that may help.

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I was about to loop in @Tomvamos and suggest the Support route, but he’s already here and beaten me to it :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

I was hoping for the answer that this is a known bug. :sunglasses:

I will wait for it to happen again and take a screenshot to e-mail to that address.

Thanks, Steven

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Thanks Steven (not Rex, sorry - I’ve done some research now :slight_smile: ).

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Rex Manning would be a cool name though :sunglasses:

Anyway: emailed support with a pic. It was very easy to replicate. Open Naim app, start song from Nas. Open Tidal app. Return to Naim app and the server is gone.

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Just recreated here. Definitely a bug, not a support issue so I’ll talk to support and call them off and log this as bug. In the meantime, there’s no need to restart your iPad. Just close the Naim app and Tidal then reopen the Naim app. Your servers should show again. Not ideal I know, but quicker than rebooting.

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Great! Thank you for the workaround!

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