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I wonder if anyone can help me here.

I can play music files from an SSD attached to the rear of a NDX555 via the Naim apps USB tab but even though the Server is turned on I cannot see anything in the Servers tabs and are getting a “No results” message there. The same SSD was used to rip my CDs from my previous Uniti Star so I would have thought that the SSD format was previously correct.

I’m a MacOs user and over the weekend reformatted the SSD as FAT and copied the music files back on to no avail. It’s important for me to keep some Mac compatibility as this is how I now add new music files having now moved on from the Uniti Star.

Any Mac users out there able to use the Servers feature in the Naim app? Do I need a Mu-so to have something to serve to or should the music files show up anyway?

Unfortunately it is a known (and presumably deliberate) limitation that you can’t use the music store from a Uniti Star to play music on or serve music from another Naim streamer.

Your best bet is to copy the music from the SSD you used with the Star to another SSD, or copy it to somewhere else temporarily, reformat the SSD and copy the music back onto it again.



Hi David, thank you for your suggestion.
I reformatted the drive over the weekend to aFat format and recouped the music files back again. There was only on FAT type available to select but from memory there were are additional 3 different file system types, so I guess I chose the wrong one. If NONE compatibility between the Uniti range and ND range is deliberate on Naim’s part it does seem to thwart the upgrade path.

I’m pretty sure David’s explanation is correct, although as you wiped the files off the drive and re-formatted it, you might have hoped that the new version would work. Obviously not, but if you can get around this the files certainly should work on any streamer. As a quick trial, I would get any old USB stick, transfer a single album to it, and see if that will work.

Chris’ suggestion is a good one. The files themselves should be fine anyway.

As I understand it, the Star ripping software is a subset of the Core’s and some functions Naim has reserved for the Core, including in particular Music Store portability.



I wonder if it’s a folder issue on the SSD which I’ve retained from the uniti Star? There are two folders, Scratch (empty), and Store. In Store is a Downloads folder (files I’ve added manually) and a Music folder with subfolders HQ, LQ, MQ (all ripped cd files are in the MQ folder, the other two are empty. Files in the MQ folder are in artist folders with their various albums in subfolders.

The SSD was formatted as ExFAT.

Yes, that’s the folder structure you would see on any Naim ripper/server (apart from Scratch, not sure about that one?)
Are your rips saved as FLAC or WAV? The current Naim rippers have bizarrely lost the option to convert between these, you have to choose before you rip. If you’ve used WAV then I wonder if the metadata is in a separate file that isn’t accessible unless you use it as a designated Music Store as you would have done on the Star, but I’m just speculating here.

The metadata isn’t held in a hidden folder, it’s held in Naim-specific file in alongside the music files and cover art. I forget what the file is called now.

I suspect that if the OP put all the album folders into a folder called anything other than Downloads and Music and deleted those, it would work fine.

Whether the metadata would be visible though is another matter!


That was my concern if using WAV, which is why I asked if the rips were saved in WAV or FLAC.

I’ve reformatted the SSD and added the music folders at the root level and the music files are populating in the Servers tab along with the images. They’re mainly flac files and seem to be playing ok.

One observation, it seems I can only add to new playlists not existing ones, the playlist seems to be specific to the Server and I don’t seem to be able to add music files from Qobuz or vice versa.

Thank you both for your help sorting this out.

Get a NAS :+1:t2:

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