Servers input on Nova front screen

Hi, I finally got my new Nova and set it up, it’s connected to my NAS via Ethernet.
I can’t see the Servers input on the front screen, it’s only available in the app. All other inputs are showing.
I’ve tried to disable the input and then reactivate it, I’ve also rebooted the system several times to no avail.
Prior to receiving my Nova I had one loaned by the dealer and the Servers or Upnp Input was showing on the front screen.
Could someone please tell me how to resolve this minor issue?

The Server, Tidal and Qobuz inputs can only be controlled by the app. Odd, but that’s the way it is.

You won’t see it. As you can only choose upnp music from the app there is no need for the input on the screen. Once you choose your music and press play, the Nova switches to upnp automatically. I borrowed a Nova and was initially perplexed by this, but in practice it makes sense.

It is odd as the one I borrowed did have the input on the front screen, plus the online manual states “The Uniti Nova UPnP input can be selected from either its front panel, remote control or using the Naim app”

You are right about the manual. Unfortunately it is inconsistent and elsewhere states that Upnp can only be accessed through the app (which indeed is the case).

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