Service cost and timescale

I have a 10 year old 252 that I think is now in need of a service . How much does this cost and how long will it take please ? Look forward to your feedback

Unfortunately we can no longer send items directly to Naim for servicing as far as I’m aware.

You would need to contact your Naim dealer and obtain the pricing from them - they organise a ‘service slot’ with Naim to send to minimise time away though it could be a few weeks I gather.

Alternatively there are I believe 3 authorised Naim service centres but apart from Class A in Sheffiled I’m unclear who the others are.

In the UK, Class A in Sheffield can do the vast majority of service work, and is Naim approved. Also AFAIK Grahams could do some of their own service work too.

Dont the cost but just sent my xps off to be dr’ed got it back in 9 days I gather they’ve recently updated their service dept

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:small_blue_diamond:And here in Sweden,.there are many who plan a service at Naim or Class A.

This is because after a possible Brexit, nobody knows what the cost is.
For us in the rest of the EU,.this is a new problem because of Brexit.


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If you are in the UK and can get to Sheffield fairly easily, Darran at Class A will usually turn a service round n a day, a couple of years ago he serviced 5 boxes for me while I mooched around Sheffield.


I booked a slot with my dealer for naim to service and dr my 300. It was away from me for less than two weeks.

Seemed like good service to me

BREXIT is I suspect a bigger problem for us here in the UK :slightly_smiling_face:

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