Service Intervals of Muso

I understand that there are standard service intervals for amps, streamers etc., and these are brought to Naim U.K.

Is there also standard service intervals for the Muso and Muso QB? If yes, normally how many years, and will these also go to the U.K.?

I don’t think the Muso can be serviced?

The Mu-so can be serviced and repaired - by us in UK and Naim service centres around the world. As even the oldest, original Mu-so is only 7 years old, I don’t think the subject has arisen yet re in-life service - I will enquire!


Thank you Clare. Excellent, I may well be wrong, but I thought I once read that the original Musos couldn’t be repaired.



I believe Naim have changed their stance on this. Perhaps recent legislation on sustainability and repair of electrical equipment influenced them here.

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We’ve been able to do it for some years now, FYI. And Mu-so 2nd Generation family was designed from day one with easier servicing in mind.


Hi Claire
You write service centres around the world.
Thats new to me.
I thought anything should be send to UK for service or repair.?

I have a Unitiqute with fading screen, it has been in Salisbury some years back but I plan to have it serviced again probably in 2022.

I’d be delighted if we could avoid any Brexit custom trouble and have it serviced inside EU.

Our larger distributors have their own service centres, fully trained and stocked by the teams here in Salisbury. It varies from country to country, but as we continue to expand globally, it’s a vital development.


Music Line in Germany, which now operates as Focal Naim Deutschland, would probably be an EU option for you.

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I heard back on this. There should be no need for a service in the traditional Naim sense. But, as noted, repair options are available should you encounter any issues.

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