Service Nait 3

Hello and happy new year

Please could somebody recommend an approve Naim service parter in the Staffordshire area

Naim Nait 3 W/Phono early 90s

Thank you

I think your closest Naim approved will be Darran at Class A servicing over in Sheffield.

Rare as Hen’s Teeth. HiFi Repairs aka Class A in Sheffield are (AFAIK) the only one, apart from Naim themselves, in Salisbury.

In the UK, it’s either Naim or Class A for Naim approved service work. Apart from that, one or two dealers are, I believe, able to do some certain repair or service work themselves, such as Grahams for example.

Thanks guys.
Darran has been mentioned a few times on different topics I’ll reach out to him.

Just out of interest, Darran would use the same components as Naim?

Absolutely yes.

Class A are Naim approved servicers, so all components supplied are exactly as specified (selected and matched where applicable) by Naim.

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