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252 and NDS has been back from Salisbury for a couple of weeks now and sounding superb, much better than before they went!
So much improvement, got me thinking about the rest of my Naim gear. Is is worth servicing a Superline? It’s a 2014 model and has not been touched since I bought it. Is there anything inside to service?
135’s were serviced last in 2017. They work hard for a living as I listen at moderate to high volumes and their driving Shahinian Arcs. When should they next take a trip to HQ? They are sounding superb at the moment.

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Pleased it’s sounding good after source and pre service. We hear of 10 year service intervals (I think) so your Superline and NAP135s would appear to be fine on paper. (I fully anticipate being corrected and am already bracing).


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My Superline was serviced last October at just under 10 years old more because it was suspected to be misbehaving than it needed servicing. Turned out it wasn’t misbehaving, but it sounded way better on it’s return.

What servicing did they do to the NDS, mine’s getting on a bit now ?

I’ve got the job sheet somewhere, changing a couple of capacitors I think. Biggest issue was dim screen disease.

Yeah…I’ve got the dim screen issue myself…if you have any more info on job description that would be great (unless it’s all specific just to your unit)

Nds was in service? There was a problem or it does really need a service?

Sorry, not with you. What is your question?

I have an Nds and wonder if it can need a service after some years.
I thought not but I doubt now.

Ah OK, now I understand. Mine is a 2013 unit and had not been touched since new. It had developed the dim screen fault. Whilst getting this fixed, I also asked for a service. From the job sheet a couple of capacitors were changed. I had my 252 serviced at the same time.

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