Service time on 250.2

My 250.2 has just turned 9 years old- would you get it serviced now or can I leave a bit more

Have tried a new DR and prefered the non DR amp


In my 30 year Naim journey 8 to10 years seems to work for me. Im sure others will chip in. I don’t know the 250.2 so well and there could be special reasons it could be longer or even shorter.

Happy listening

I serviced my 2005 250-2 in 2018, when I also had it upgraded to DR.

Naim themselves recommend 12-15 years on black boxes. I wouldn’t worry about anything sooner than that.

I think it can be really difficult to tell if a unit needs a service sometimes, especially if all still sounds ok with it. Chances are it would benefit from a service now, but how much is the question? I had a NAP 200 that still sounded pretty good after 12 years, but then that was a non-regulated power amp and that may make a difference? Your dealer will most likely just have the DR version now so you can’t really compare yours with that, but could you find someone nearby who has a later model 250.2 to compare?

Personally though, I think you will be ok for a bit longer

I thought Naim will now not service equipment without a DR upgrade also being done at the same time ?

Or was it the other way around, DR upgrade must also include a general service as well ?

The latter.

My own NAP250.2 was sounding pretty soggy by year 10 - on the face of it, it was fine, and it was hard to put the finger on any particular area of deficiency, but I was less and less engaged in the music and soon realised it needed pepping up. After a factory service it was far more interesting and engaging - it made you appreciate just how much mojo had been lost over the years.

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