Serviced Nait 1 pics

Don’t suppose anyone who has a Nait 1 serviced at Naim recently(last few yrs) has any interior shots? Keen to see the solutions chosen by the Salisbury wizards. Google offers many anatomical shots of spruced up Nait 2’s but no 1’s

Best wishes

Welcome to the forum Byronbay. There are some pictures around on the internet if you search. However, I’m wondering why the curiosity at Naim’s “solutions”. Bear in mind that any discussion of DIY on Naim kit falls foul of forum AUP. If you want to have your NAIT serviced properly then best have it done by either Naim themselves or one of their approved servicers, such as Class A, certain international distributors, or if in the US, AV Options.

Hi Richard
Apologies–haven’t posted in nearly a decade- sorry I have overstepped thind-- I completely understand.

My proper naim stuff always goes back to Salisbury-- In fact my 252 3x 250-2 and supercap DR’s are likely to driven to Tom Tom for drop off in the next few months. I do miss the days of taking the day off -putting the car roof down–loading it up with boxes and exploring the west country roads. Often got a quick listen of new stuff from Mark and Sheila if all was quiet.

I have sadly caught your virus and am creating it appears a 80/90’s british hifi museum.
Wife is delighted…
Thanks for the tips over the years -esp-- Ion obelisk 3 and Meridian transports with a modern DAC-- I agree. Have bought all my Nieces and nephews a Nait 3 and Royd Minstrels (from exploring your tip) as first house warming pressies. Such a sweet toe tapping combo with an Amazon echo. Synergy and acceptable aesthetics for the young–just. The NAC A5 is almost the most expensive component.

We have similar tastes I think.

Currently scattered in various rooms I have a 180,160, 140, 90/3 and but the110 I’ve had for 30yrs (cashed in my grant and lived off noodles) is my favourite. Partnering a 42.5,62,72,102 and 82 in infinite combos as the mood takes. Power supplies–of course
Kans IBL SBL NBL Neats, Nsats make the noise – tho the wife does have locational vito!!
Should sell up and upgrade the 252–but what would be the fun in that…
Have been good boy at times-- sold the SL2’s as prices rose and culled my CDX2 + CDS3 cd players (just my naim serviced CDS1) as prices started to drop.

My Q was whether specific 10,000uf and 3300uf’s used to service the Nait 2 are suitable for the lower values in the Nait 1. No pics anywhere I can find sporting the tell tale yellow tants. Will ask on other forums. Apologies not an appropriate Q for here. Only get the soldering iron when sick and not economic to repair. My nait 1 front panel is not pretty after my daughter decided it looked like a sturdy object to climb on.

Could I ask though that you reflect before posting any more great vintage component tips and consider the potential impact on others. Especially my wife.
Please delete this thread when read-- couldn’t find a private messaging feature
Very best wishes

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You may be able to get this replaced. Not sure if Naim have spares, but I believe others make them, and sell them as non-OEM items on ebay.
Apologies if this is outside of forum AUP, but it seems a shame to pass by the chance to keep a vintage Nait in order.

Thank you- sounds exciting
I’ll have a search
Best wishes

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