Servicing a Nait 5


I have an old Nait 5 - it hasn’t ever been serviced. I have 2 questions:

  1. Given the cost of a service, is it worth it for an old, entry-level, Naim amp?
  2. What does a service actually involve? These are solid state devices, is it much more than a re-capping?


Yes, it’s well worth it. The NAIT 5 is a really good integrated amp and a service will have it sounding like new again.

As for what is involved, apart from the capacitors, I’ll see if @NeilS can advise.


If it’s a very early example there are a raft of modifications that we would carry out at the same time as recapping.
This would include a replacement volume pot, which is a common failure in the early ones, they start fluctuating the output level which you won’t be able to live with.
So welll worth it in my opinion.