Servicing during the lockdown?

Hi…just joined this forum and in search of some info about servicing. Is there anywhere that’s doing servicing during the lock-down…need a 250 and 2x Hicaps servicing!
Recommendations welcome!

Naim are currently doing servicing. Otherwise check with Class A, who are a factory authorised Naim servicer.

There are other servicers who are not Naim authorised and I would not recommend you use them - certainly discussion of them here is not permitted.

Didnt think you could send stuff directly to Naim?

In these difficult times, I’m sure Naim will try to accommodate as much as they can, so best get in touch with them by phone or email and find out the best way to proceed.

There are a number of options I can suggest.
Contact your local Naim dealer who can advise re: returning items to Naim via them.
Contact Darran at Class A, who is a Naim-authorised service agent.

OK Thanks.

I can confirm that Class A is open for servicing! Darran does a great job at a good price! (Should get my 32.5 back in Wednesday).

Big Al, I have removed one of the options you mention. Note that they are not approved by Naim.

Anybody got contact details for Darran at Class A or will Google do it?

Noted Richard

Google - top of the list.

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