Servicing Naim products

I’m trying to find estimates of servicing charges at my local Naim dealer. They promised to email me, but so far, nothing. I have an aging Nait 5

Try Darran at Class A, he is a Naim authorised service department. I have used him and he provides excellent service and the service was a little cheaper, than Naim themselves, for my NAC202. I took the 202 to him in the morning and collected later the same day.

I’d agree with going to Class A, especially if you are able to get there. I went in with 82, NAPSC, HiCap, 2*135, he turned them all round that day while I wandered around Sheffield.

I far preferred it when it was possible to send items to Naim directly. Now you have to go through a dealer and things seem less transparent price wise, or they may suggest they can do it themselves on site with Naim components but it’s unclear to me what is authorised for on-site ‘repair/servicing’ and what ought to be done by Naim or an authorised repair centre like Class A in Sheffield.

There is a support section on the Naim website dealing with repairs - I’ve not been through the menus to know if it gives you a price and books you with the local dealer or just points you to the local dealer.

Naturally the dealers need to make a living and assisting with service returns must give them something for their efforts, but it’d be nice to deal with Naim directly especially if you have no local dealer.

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Darran can arrange for courier to collect from your home (or place of work!) for delivery to him - though I am within travelling distance of Sheffield so I haven’t used that. He is very good

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My preference is to use Darren at Class A. You get exactly what you’d get from the factory but at a lower cost. And fully approved by Naim.

He’s clearly an Naim fan and very knowledgeable. When I had my Supercap serviced he was very keen to explain that it started life as a 52PS, told me how they did the upgrade and what year it was done.


Not sure if this helps, but I paid £300 each for servicing a HiCAP and NAP202 earlier this year. Naim requested I went thru my local dealer and wouldnt accept direct dispatch from me.


From my former home, I faithfully used a well-known dealer (X) for many years. Having moved, I now live much closer to another well-regarded dealer (Y). When I spoke to X about using Y to do some much needed servicing, they were quite happy about it because ‘the dealer margin on servicing is so small’.

Mark (who lives closer to Salisbury than to either X or Y and would find it much easier to drop stuff off at the factory in person than go via any dealer)

I was told by my dealer that the margins on servicing by Naim were very small. I don’t think the dealers make much on servicing tbh.

This is a catch 22 situation. At the present costs, it might cost more than the item is worth. Alternatively I can wait until it goes wrong and pay only a little more maybe. Godjo2

I’ve used Darren Class A this year did an excellent job on my Snaps which powers my Nat 101.



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