Servicing timeline 555PS(DR) - a revisit

I posted about the servicing of my 2 x 555PSDRs a few months back - see link.

Well, I can report that my CD555 has never sounded so good. It’s got better as the months have passed and the new caps have settled in. Pre-servicing (after c.13.5Y) the sound was a tad bright and edgy. No more, it just flows and bass appears much better controlled. A pre-loved CD555 must now be a bargain if physical media is your thing.

This all reinforces my view that the spoken of c.15Y servicing timeline is too long from my experience - I’d advocate sticking to the c.10Y timeline as for other Classic kit.

Our experience of servicing intervals correlates well with yours on 555PS.

Our NAP135s have benefitted greatly from a service every 7 years, not 10.

Best regards, BF

The DR updated came in 2012 so 8 years, i was wondering when people would be tempted to go for a service, will be interested in any more have had a service of other kit including the NAP 250 DR, HI CAP DR and the XPS DR.

As far as I know, the primary items for a service are the capacitors, which would suggest the previously guided 10Y timeline applies for the kit you have mentioned.

As we all know, detecting subsiding performance isn’t easy…and the the kit takes while to warm up when it gets back.

Best ask your dealer, as they should have experience on matters like this.

Hi Bluesfan, I would agree with you having had my 2 555PSs and 552 Preamp serviced in June this year after just over 8 years of use. Having been sat listening this afternoon I must say it is sounding rather glorious after servicing. :rofl: ATB Peter

Well, the 552 isn’t :wink:

OOPS… it was promise :+1:t3: Best Peter

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I’ve heard that your 552 sounds broken now.

Something about having to buy a single box pre-amp instead … :innocent:

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Tbh it sounded great when it left, but after 17 long years of ‘ hard labour’ it has been honourably relieved :relieved: Speak soon Peter

But but but your profile says that you still have a 552.
Have you decided to downsize to a single box pre then?
If so, I hope it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Best regards, BF

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Going back a bit and keeping my CD555 performing as best it can, and that’s pretty good, I have had the head unit serviced, followed by the first 555PS upgraded and a second new PS fitted.
Not being into streaming and all that involves, the CD player comes NO second place to my Tangerine Audio LP12.

Ohhhh an S1 pre has replaced the venerable 552 … I feel a new thread coming on!! Well done Peter enjoy it.

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Is there now a rule at Naim that if you get your equipment DR-ed you must also have it serviced at the same time?

But can you still get a 555PS non-DR serviced by Naim without having it DR-ed?

And roughly how much is a DR of a 555PS?

If only Naim had published a service cost list in Jan 2020.

Oh they did.

Thanks Bruss.

Just found this, which explains about DR-ing:

And this, which is a Naim equipment price list:

Still can’t see a service price list…?

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i paid about £500 quid for a 555 service this year.
The humming transformer was out of spec so they replaced that as well with no extra charge

it did not hum when it came back

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Was that back to HQ, or done by an independent?? I have a 555PS which is in the ‘due for service’ window, and am pondering whether to go for a basic service or put the kids on a diet and save for the DR treatment

Back to naim at Salisbury :+1:
DR upgrade was I think about 2k

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My apologies. I have a Swiss Franc Naim price list from Jan 2020. UK dealers will give the UK service price.
My last enquiry for Classic series up to the 250-2 was 330.00 per item. CB was 270.00 per item.

Independents are a little less.

There is the pre 2019 list price info

they need to learn the meaning of sacrifice

seriously, though, kids these days don’t know how lucky they are

when I was a lad, we had to clean out the entire lake before breakfast…

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