I’m unsure which components need to be serviced? My gear has been lightly used over the years so does it depend on age or mileage? Has anyone noticed a difference after having a component serviced, is it worth it ? Thanks

Primarily it’s power supplies and power amps that need it, but pre-amps too. I’ve just had my 12-15 year old 252, supercap abd 555ps serviced by Darran at Class A in Sheffield, and that gave a tremendous uplift in performance. Over the years the drop off in performance is so subtle that’s its hard to notice, but cumulatively it builds up. Personally I think age rather than usage as the primary driver in the need for servicing.

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I can see they don’t service 552. Would you have prices of service at class A please?
Do you have an idea of how long they take to do the job?


Your best bet is to drop Darran at Class A an email.

I will. That was just in case I could get an info before tuesday as I have an opportunity.

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