Set up Location lists

It has always puzzled me where Naim got their list of Australian locations in the streamer set up. Missing from an odd list of locations is Canberra. The capital city for those that don’t know. Anyone else presented with odd options?

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Perhaps in the case of ACT, it overlaps too much with NSW & VIC?
If I select “Oceana” then “Australia”, there are some stations not listed with QLD dedicated streams and others with nothing showing as WA for example.
If you lived in Queanbeyan (NSW but close to Canberra in ACT), would you expect ACT stream or a NSW stream?
Does Triple M (for example) actually have a stream for ACT?

Thanks Blythe but I was not talking about the Internet radio lists but the location lists in the initial set up. Yes there are locations in the same time zone listed so this is not a major issue but missing the nation’s capital city makes no sense to me.

I see what you mean.
Imagine missing London or Paris.
It simply wouldn’t happen!

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