Setting Speakers to 'off' on Naimuniti

I’m using my Uniti (original version) as a source into my 62 CB preamp. There is nothing, that I can find, in the manual which mentions turning the speakers to ‘off’. I assume I need to do this but wanted to make sure this was the case, I would hope this turns the amplifier section off, continuing to allow the preamp to push signal to my 62. It all sounds good, just checking really.

The Uniti does not work like a Uniti Qute2 whereby you turn off the speakers. With the Uniti also, you do not have to set the volume control to 86 to achieve a line level output.

Thank you Gary
It all seems to work well, controlling the volume of my system via the app is a novelty.
Having had a play yesterday evening I realised that the the speakers are set to ‘none’ on the Uniti. I just wondered what that does technically.

I am guessing but I assume it switches off the amplifier stages, which should put fewer demands on the unit’s power supply.

Just out of interest, have you run the Uniti directly as a stand-alone unit without external amplification. If so, how did it compare?

This was my thought too, I just can’t find any info on it.

I ran the Uniti as my main system for years, it is amazing value and I never really wanted more. The change came about when the screen failed and I put the Nait2 in its place, with the SBLs it was slightly better (or to my taste). I put this down to the speakers, with ES11 and Spendor S6e I prefer the Uniti. I swapped the Nait2 for my 160/HC/62 and found that I had the sound of the Nait2 with a little more control and bass at higher volumes. The Uniti is such a good source and works well into the 62; all the mod cons of the Uniti and the presence of older Naim amps.

I too use my Uniti as a source, into my Nait 1. It sounds better with my Linn Kabers than the standalone Uniti. Having a CD player and radio in one box is great, i never use streaming.

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