‘Setting Standards’ by the Keith Jarrett Trio

Do you know which versions/pressings/formats of the album ‘Setting Standards’ by the Keith Jarrett Trio contain an English translation of the essay “The Art of Metamorphosis” by Peter Ruedi?

Or does anyone know where an English reading copy of the essay can be found?


Setting Standards is the name of a box set ECM released of 3 albums - Standards, Standards 2 and Changes. It contains the essay mentioned. There is only one version of the box - 3 CD.

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Thanks - that’s good to know.

Have you read it?

Thom Jurek speaks highly of it, and I tend to like the same things as him.


I’ve not read it. Maybe I should…

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Please let me know what it’s like if you do ever read it.

My only CD player since I sold my Naim CD5i is a 12 year old Asus laptop.

But in the end I’ll buy the CD just to read it if I can’t find the text elsewhere.

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