Setting up ND555 with Quobuz - with or without Roon?

Hi all.

My ND555 is arriving tomorrow with a QNap HS-453 and Cisco switch etc.

I’d like to try Quobuz and have the idea it might be simpler to do one step at a time and therefore give it a try without Roon. What’s the current thinking? Still BubbleUpnp on the NAS or something else? I do also have MACs on the network but would rather have something I can control from the iPad without the laptops needing to be woken.

What’s the thinking? Should I just bite the bullet and try Room at the same time? I’m not really a sleeve notes person and generally don’t like the distraction of anything while actually listening… or am I missing the point of Roon in some way?

All comments and chastisement welcome :wink:

I would be tempted to do the Roon and Qobuz free trials together. I do think Roon can, especially on first acquaintance, seem like information overload, but you can still control it with an iPhone app.
BubbleUPnP server is a good free alternative though.

I used to use bubbleupnp and will still do so for my second system Superuniti which is not ‘Roon ready’. It is a more than satisfactory solution.

However, I took the plunge with Roon when Qobuz integrated and must say I am extremely satisfied with it particularly as it allows me to see my ‘ripped’ library together with Tidal and Qobuz ‘favourites’ all in one place. I particularly like that I can have Qobuz studio hi res streaming alongside rips. Such is my satisfaction with it that I can’t honestly see myself buying anything be it CD or download in the future.

Try both on free trial and I suspect you won’t go back.

If your not bothered about having Gapless playback as you cant get this via uPnP on the the new streaming range without using Naims own app then BubbleuPnP will be fine. But as you get a free Trial of Roon with the ND555 and with Qobuz trial it seems silly not to try it out via Roon. Its seemless, gapless and slick.

Thanks all. A couple of questions: can you control BubbleUPNP using an iPad/iPhone etc?

No differences in sound quality?

I’m not too bothered about gapless…

You can also use the built-in Chromecast capability of your new ND555 which supports up to 24bit/192kHz. I think Qobuz’s built in Chromecast support on Hi-Res is up to 24-Bit/96 kHz, if memory serves me correctly. Which would cover a huge amount of the catalog being streamed.

You can use Lumin or the Linn Kazoo app to control Bubble.

Thanks, all.

I’ve got some M.2 SSD modules to install Roon on the NAS. So, I think I’ll try Qobuz with that if I like the way it sounds with my ripped music, rather than playing with Bubble and Kazoo etc.

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