Setting up Uniti Atom with Bluetooth Audio

So all suggestions are welcome here. I use the Unity Atom in my main room for listening but looking to have my Uniti Atom on along with a half dozen or so other Bluetooth speakers for parties and other social gatherings. What software or apps can do this?

When I tied to set this up through Alexa, it doesn’t recognize the Atom as a Bluetooth device despite being able to see it from literally every other control point. I can control from an apple iPhone or my PC, if that’s going to be easier.

In an ideal world I would be able to hit an option so 6 or so Bluetooth speakers that will be wall-mounted turn on and are playing from the same source as the Uniti Atom is, which would be a Spotify playlist.

Thoughts? Options?

As far as I know the Atom can receive via bluetooth (e.g. to use your phone as a source) but cannot transmit via bluetooth to speakers or a headphone.

There are various protocols that can do multiroom playback. Mostly they are proprietary and will only work with devices from the same brand, such as Naim’s own multiroom.
Bluetooth is probably not the best option to look at. Better to look at a more robust option with higher potential sound quality. AirPlay or Chromecast perhaps. The trick is to buy devices that all support your choice of connection type.


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Good call on airplay. If we’ve got Spotify on, can sync Atom in the lounge and Sonos in the kitchen through airplay. Works great

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