Settings nd5xs2 to external DAC (Qutest)

Hello, I’m using my nd5xs2 ‘digital out’ with a Chord Qutest as external DAC. I only stream music (Qobuz) and internet radio, both IN the Naim app. Now, in the (app) settings of the nd5xs2 I can chose between PCM and Native settings for digital out (BNC) to my Qutest DAC. Which is the ideal/technically advised setting for this kind of use/streaming, regardless of sonic preferences/differences (which there are)?
I can’t find any (for me comprehendible) advice for the ‘right’ setting to be used.
Maybe they are both technically OK and then I can just chose what’s my (sonic) preference. But they sound so different that I assume one of these two is superior to the other.
Thanks in advance!

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I’d go with native and the dac will do dsd or pcm depending on what’s being sent to to it from the Nd5xs2


I’ve a similar setup and ‘Native’ works fine for me. Now you just need a MScaler…


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