Severe humming from Uniti2

Over the last few days I’ve had very loud humming around my main system in our lounge. I thought it was from the SN2 or XPS DR and unpowered the whole system and it didn’t stop!

After some investigation, I have found that it’s coming from the Uniti2 in the room below. It had a strong hum from the unit, but surprisingly, this was reverberating at the wall socket, up the wall and through the timber floor, above which is my main system. I’ve turned it off for now and will see what happens if I turn it on again.

Is this level of humming and reverberation back through the mains usual? It hasn’t been an issue before.

I think it’s very unusual! But I’m not sure what might be wrong.

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I did not think it will turn out to be through the mains, but rather through the structure of the wall or the house more generally. Either way it sounds like a fault if it is that bad, but it is very odd.



Yes, I think so, it was audible through the rolling garage door too! So, I think more of a vibration due to the humming reverberating through the wall socket.

Well, it came back again after turning the Uniti2 back on. I’ve turned it off again, but it’s taking quite a while for the mains humming and vibration to dissipate. I’m thinking gremlins.

Okay, so. On further investigation, the actual vibration is from the hard drive in my Apple Time Capsule, which is on the same circuit and behind the main system in the lounge and is also the switch to the NDX2. Powering it on and off seems to have fixed it for the moment. Powering the Uniti2 back on doesn’t seem to trigger the vibration again - though it did earlier trigger the humming, so that may be coincidental. If the hard drive is noisy again, it might be on the way out and a replacement backup and/or switch may be in order.

Sounds to me like you need to make sure your TC is backed up, and start looking for a replacement asap.


Yes, it’s unplugged now. I have two Macs and run iCloud backups to both, so they are backed up. I’m not working at the moment and will arrange a back up replacement shortly, I’m looking at one of those Lacie rugged thunderbolt ones. Wifi is running fine from the IP router and I’ve put an older switch to the NDX2, which is sounding very nice. So all in hand thankfully.

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