Shahinian Arc 2 Advice

Thank you.

Good to hear. 250/Arc seems very synergistic. Has it done the trick for you and made the Arcs keepers?

Yes! I’m almost afraid to say that the tone is even approaching too dark! Will give it some time to come together, and perhaps someday a 282 will complete the picture. Now to find a new home for a pair of beautiful B&Ws I thought I would never let go of. Thanks again for the help.


Well, glad to see things working out. FWIW the 250DR is a little faster than the 250/2 and less “dark”.

The Arcs are worth experimenting with where positioning and toe-in are concerned. Sometimes what works in a given room can be quite counterintuitive.

It’s also worth remembering that with the casters you can have a family/guest friendly easy listening position and a more optimised one for serious listening, simply wheeling between the two.

Hi, long term Shahinian user here. Arc 2’s in one system and Obs 2 in the other. I’m afraid my answer will not be what you want to hear. Shahinian and Naim power amps do not go well together, as the Naim units, due to their inherent design, do not have the current supply capability that the speakers require. Arc 2’s are slightly easier to drive than 1’s, but still dip down below 2 ohms. Sorry.

What is your system?

I think that could be the case with some of the first generation models, particularly the Obelisks. But the Ob2 sounds very nice with a 250DR never mind amps further up the range. I first heard them with a 250/2 and immediately knew that a Shahinian was going to have to come my way… I’ve tried supposedly more suitable amps than my 500 and, well… no thanks!

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The 250/2 I’m listening to now seems to have all the power needed with my Arc 2… but I’ve not heard them with a very high current amp to compare with.

Hi, that’s fine. I don’t want to upset any Naim devotee’s here. I’m one myself and at my age I’m now very settled with my LP12/555 and 552 pre. I was just trying to give some insight to the OP as to why all was not as he expected. I tried all the Naim power amps (not Statement) and non of them could drive Arc 2’s properly and were hopeless with Obs 2. The 500 was one of the worst performers btw, it’s bridged design a huge compromise when high current is demanded. Out of all of them, the 300 was the best performer, but it still sounded broken against amps with plenty of headroom.

Did you go with the Meridian monoblocs in the end or is my memory playing tricks again?

FWIW John Burns of Pear Audio, the Shahinian importer with many years experience and also a Dynavector amp distributor, takes a less categorical view…

Hi, sorry, just noticed you are the OP! I plead senility……!
It’s quick to write down in a couple of posts, but it took me years and years to get it right with Shahinians. I have had many conversations with Vasken and before that with D, trying to understand them. Most people know the problems encountered with the tweeters and their low impedance, but most don’t understand how the bass/passive arrangement works. I’m no electrical engineer (mechanical and chemical, so a bit out of my depth), but from what I have learned, it takes a huge amount of current to get it moving properly and then an amp that can deal appropriately with the return current, stopping the movement, ready for the next cycle. You get into all sorts of things with slew rates and damping factors….You can either do the research yourself and the years of trial and error…….or, if you are sold on Shahinian, get yourself a suitable power amp.

Hi, do you mean the 559’s?
If so, yes, used a pair in bridged mode. Had plenty of current and drove the speakers with ease. However, I didn’t like they way they sounded with my Naim pre. I then discovered CODA technologies and have stuck with them, first with a CSX and now a No 16.

Hi again, just seen that you have Diapasons, I really envy you!
A neighbour of mine bought a pair after listening to my Obs. He asked for advice after being a bit underwhelmed by them (why he didn’t just buy Obs I don’t know, but then again the room he was listening in is basically the same size as my entire house!). To cut a long story short, he settled on Plinius and I’ve never heard the like. My Obs system sounds wonderful to my ears, but his Plinius powered Diapasons are in another league. Anytime I sit in front of them I count as privileged. Enjoy.

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Hi Michael, I feel you need three active Statements monos to run properly your Diapason. Time to sell your house.

All help will be gratefully received!

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I love my Diapasons. They’re amazingly versatile and really very room friendly for a big speaker. The big Shahinians do things other speakers really can’t even dream of in my opinion - including very good imaging when positioned nicely, but I really don’t think the Obelisks have anything to be ashamed of. In fact, the tweeters and mids being a little lower is an added strength, though the double bass driver arrangement of the Diapasons is fabulous for symphonies, organ and of course progressive trance :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree. I aspire to them. You are a lucky man.

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They certainly look like they tick the boxes on the current delivery front. How do you find they compare to the Plinius? Neither brand are easy to get hold of in the UK…

Hi, we tried the Diapasons with the CSX, we have not tried the No 16. The CSX held it’s own and was not disgraced. However, it ran bloody hot! You can’t really compare two A300’s to a lowly CSX, it’s unfair. My neighbour has considerably deeper pockets than I do - his family’s land entirely surrounds ours. At least we own it outright! Something to do with distant ancestors and a game of baccarat…….

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Strange, My Obs2 sound fabulous with my 250DR and did with my 300 before I downsized, could it have been a room issue?