Shahinian ARC vs Neat Xplorer

Hi all,

Have any of you compared these 2 speakers? They have a similar form factor. I have heard the ARCs and really liked them, but keen to make the right choice.

Many thanks

Yes, I preferred the Arcs. The Xplorers were relatively a little harsher in the higher frequencies. The Arcs just drew me into the music more easily too.
I prefer the Arcs also for their smaller size, to me they don’t look as imposing, and I can’t think of any other speaker that does deep bass that well out of a cabinet that’s just 70cm high.

Thanks Chris!

Hi Lars, i went to see your profile and activity, and then seen and remembered that you posted once that you will try the Vitus SIA30, and compare to your existing 552/500.
Have you been able to do that ? Very curious

I see you have Art Diamond speakers. You want something else or better ? Do they lack something ?

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Hi FR,

You are right, I was planning to test the vitus. I really like my current setup, but we are moving to a new flat. As part of the move I have looked at different ways to downsize my system as it just takes up too much space now.

First I went the amp way. I did not test the vitus as it would basically require a large cabinet given the heat it produces. So not so different to 552/300. I did try to new top model from also danish aavik 580. The sound was far from what I have with naim.

Now am negotiating to keep the system but get it packed in a more tight cabinet.

Next is then speakers. Here I am looking for a great compact speaker that does prat well. I was able to hear the arc and really liked it, so will likely take thay. Would then sell my beloved ART diamond speakers…

Thats how far I have come :slight_smile:

/ Lars


Thanks for all these details Lars. I understand now where you want to go.

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The Arcs are great speakers, but give the Obelisks an audition if you can - especially if you like Classical music…

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Quick update - just ordered the Shahinian Arcs. Really looking forward to them.

It was interesting when found out that they use SEAS units just like my current ART speakers and my old Snell speakers. Always had a thing for the SEAS sound, it seems

Now need to part from my great ART speakers, hope they will find a new happy home

Many thanks for the help.

Br Lars



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