Shall I shan’t I get a 552


Got an opportunity to purchase a 552DR + PS

Will it sound MUCH better… cos I have to be honest my 252 blows me away every time…

Basically, is it worth the argument with the Home Secretary and the 3k-4K uplift after I’ve sold my existing…


Did the same last year and the answer is YES.


No one can tell you, really. I never really liked the 252, but the 552 had me from the go….


Recently done, and yes. ( in to a 300DR)


The one I’m looking at is on a well known auction site for 10.5 k I’m hoping to get 7ish for my 252 &scdr…
Seems like a no brainier really !

Is it too cheap thou?

Yes. It’s just so much better than the 252 and if you can make the change for £3k you shouldn’t think twice.


The 552 gets worth more, but the money decreases in value atm.

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I hate this type of subject header if the OP would have said for instance “552 opportunity” it would have avoided wasting other people time who’ve no interest in the 552

I do apologise… I’ll try to be more direct in the future… x


Does it make a difference what sort of music you listen to? Or is it just better all round.

You could buy an awful lot of music………….

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I went from 252 to 552 this year. Absolutely worth every penny.



What a strange question. Better is better.

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I’m currently listening to an ND555 through a 282/HiCap and wondering how it can be much better, but I have a 552 on order, so hopefully I’ll find out shortly. The 552 was ordered in November and should be delivered this month, although it was originally estimated in March and then April, so we’ll see. Looks like you’ll get yours before I get mine, if you go for the one on offer. As others have said, if you’ve got the money, you’re not risking much, as very few don’t enjoy what a 552 does.


And you can show to other forumites that you have a bigger willie than they have….
What’s not to like?


Of course, a 552 means only medium-sized now. Never mind, apparently it’s what you do with it that counts.


Lol thanks for the advice guys…

:joy: my main reason for the fast upgrade path is that the deal I struck with the misses was, they’ll all get sold off to send the kids to private school when they go into seniors…

4years and counting… :disappointed:

It’ll only just be run in. :rofl:

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Just praying they pass the 11+ and get into grammar. Lol :pray:

With the misses onside I’d go for it the 552DR is excellent into 300s then to keep your side of the deal in 4 years sell it and buy a Nait 2.