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Dear all

I have a NDX2 + NAC202 + NAP200 with Apertura Armonia. I went to my dealer to listen to possible upgrade. Let me share my experience.
We started with the 282. I did not get a wow effect: the music was more detailed, more air between instrument but I guess this is not the kind of improvement I am sensible at. Then we tried a 250 with the NAC202. I got a wow effect: more music, more structure, more presence. I really enjoyed it. Then back to my system and added the XPS. Here again a wow effect: details, air, space but different from 282 and I cannot explain it. . Then XPS and 250 : double wow !
So I decided to buy a 250 and next step will be a XPS for the NDX2.


To my ears the 282 is an upgrade that you notice more over time. Live with it at home for a while, and you might really miss it if you then return to a 202. A 250 is more obvious right from the start, especially the extra bass you get compared to a 200, so it’s an easier upgrade to hear in a dealer demo. Ideally I think you need a home demo to make a real comparison.

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So neither you nor your dealer use any psu except Napsc on the 202 and 282? The difference should easily be heard if you would demo from bare -> hicap -> supercap (on the 282 that is)

Interesting read though and helpful for me aswell, was pondering XPS or go for 282 with similar setup. 250 is a little overkill for my naim speakers

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