Share your Tidal Playlists

Am thinking it would be great to share a playlist of, say, 10-15 songs, on a particular theme or genre. There could be separate threads for those who use other streaming services or we could combine them here.

Here’s my first, a bit of fun, my “Cowbell” playlist (whether a guilty, secret or overt pleasure, we all love a bit, or a lot of, or more cowbell):


Super concept. Expect a contribution.

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Here is a link to my ‘demo’ playlist. Lots of obvious tracks that we all probably use

Interesting list, some great choices on there!
@Sbcinternational looking forward to your contribution.

I should add that it is very easy to share playlists - just click on the Share icon and copy link into this thread! Maybe a brief description of your theme too. I’ve included the playlist pic as shown in Tidal, another copy and paste.

Here’s a sample of my first month or so with Tidal…


Just to add to this, you need to get the link from the TIDAL app, unfortunately there is no sharing function in the Naim app…maybe one day

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