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I’ve got a little combination of various Naim equipment right next to an armchair. I thought folk might like to see a photograph. It’s a CD5i cd player, a 42.5/90 amplifier. It feeds into a Stax SRD-6 electrostatic headphone driver (the lower of the two boxes at the side). I could listen to Stax Lamdas via that. But it also has a switch to send the signal to loudspeakers. That feeds into a device, The Can Opener, which I got decades ago, and enables me to plug in any non-electrostatic headphone I want. What you’re seeing here is a pair of Sennheiser HD 800 s open backed phones. I don’t think I’m your typical audiophile, but I thought you good folk might like to see this.

love to everyone, Stevie xx

Armchair headphones|690x460


Very nice - and thanks for sharing.
There is a separate dedicated thread called “System pics” if you would like to see other forum members’ set ups.

Very nice, Stevie!

Copied and pasted your pic:

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