Sharing The Blues

To hopefully a few Blues-nerds here. I’ve watched most of Justin’s amazing blues guitar playing on YouTube, and thought I’d share his absolute musical brilliance with you. Hope you’ll appreciate it :+1:t3: Peter.


He’s not bad, is he… :slightly_smiling_face:

Justin Johnson’s YouTube Channel

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That poor Rattler…

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….and a great version of an old Blues classic :partying_face:


Peter, just in case you are interested, we have Errol Linton on 2 December. We are also working on a short blues festival in January, with bands playing in the pubs in the daytime and paid for concerts in the evenings. Hopefully we will get Alvin Youngblood Hart for one evening. Maybe you know his work but I think he’s great.

Sounds good, I’ll email you Nigel :+1:t3: Best Peter

Guitar Battle: Samantha Fish vs. Gary Clark Jr. - :astonished:


Joanna Connor:


There’s a proper Blues Chick Ian :+1:t3: Great Peter

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New - to you…?? She’s been doing this for a while now… :astonished:

Yep, never come across her, so thank you :+1:t3: Best Peter

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@PeterR - Try this…

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Another Samantha Fish for you…

( It was tricky to find one which was definitely ‘safe’ enough to post… :open_mouth:)

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