Shattered glass!

Our reinforced glass shower door recently “exploded” spontaneously. It is only a couple of years old. My hi-fi - SBL’s, NAP 250 etc is directly underneath downstairs. Could the music decibels have caused this to happen?

Nah mate

It’s your singing while you scrub


It does sometimes happen, a micro fault in the glass etc

Doubt it I’d check for subsidence and doors not closing properly. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Unless Ella has been for tea. :rofl:

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Not a chance
Shower doors or shower screens only really brake easy if tapped on the edge of the glass.
I would say its moved over time or was badly fitted in the first place.
You can normally hit the face of the glass with a hammer and it wont smash

We used to have a modular “AV” rack with glass shelves sandwiched between stainless steel pillars; about 6 shelves high.

One of the shelves exploded and covered the living room floor with little cubes of glass. Fortunately the rack held together and the unit on the shelf dropped only a couple of inches.

The manufacturers kindly sent me a new shelf.

Our glass shower started to fall out of its upright support (one long edge bonded into the upright so it could swing out. It is curved, to match the “P” shaped bath and therefore now unobtainable - the closest door we could find had a different curve radius. I contacted the manufacturer to aak whether it could be rebonded (at our expense naturally , as well out of warranty). The manufacturer didn’t want to know, which was a shame as they are probably the biggest makers of bathroom kit.

I spent some time researching “bonding glass to aluminium”, and had several discussions with my company’s Materials Specialist, before going ahead with the rebuild, including descaling the almost unmovable bottom hinge part. The swing door had never been particularly good - turned out that the bathroom fitters had got the assembly wrong……….

In the end, door successfully bonded into upright (with a “witness marker” at the top of the glass next to the upright so we will see if it starts to come loose). Hinge assembly installed correctly (!) and lo and behold a fully swingable shower door. Been about four years now, and still going strong.

We came home to find the toughened rear screen of the Smart car shattered. Nothing on the floor and the camera footage showed that nobody had been near. :thinking:

The shower door at my fathers house shattered as my wife stepped into the shower cubicle. We heard it “explode” from downstairs - a very scary moment for her.

OK, kids, best take @Dunc’s word for it - this is not a recommendation for the topic of your next TikTok video.

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Same thing happened to a relative and even though the screen was ~5 y/o, the manu’s offered a free replacement – but not the labour to fit.

And if you don’t know, it’s designed to shatter like this, rather than ‘split’ in to far more dangerous shards.

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my oven door did the same - exploded after we had taken tea out.

The surprising thing to me is not that the glass shattered, but that you brew your tea in the oven!

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I guess it depends on whether you have dinner and supper or lunch n tea! :rofl:


Could be the interconnects connecting the wrong way round ?
Could have caused an almighty Din.

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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