I’ve recently added a new shelf and re-organised placement.
Unfortunately my Superline is only on 3 feet now. I have some shims from when I needed to level a CDX many moons ago.
Do these shims work on the new style kit?
Does the suspension in the Superline prohibit the fitting of shims?
Thanks in advance.
Steve O.

The Superline needs to have all four feet firmly on the shelf and being metal there’s no tolerance, hence the need for shims as shelves are rarely perfectly flat.

The wafer thin shims should work fine on the Superline.

Thanks for that Richard.
I assume fitting the transport bolts allows me to turn the unit over in order to fit the shims?
Steve O.

I’d be inclined not to invert the Superline even with the transit bolts fitted. If you stand it hanging over a table edge to get at the foot you need to remove you should be able to work from underneath and avoid turning it over.

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Should do, yes.

Or what @Richard.Dane said :slight_smile:

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No one told the courier who delivered mine back from Salisbury, there’s the imprint of his trolly on the top of the new box Naim put it in after its service.

Jeez. Numpties.

It took 5 shims in the end to get the unit rock solid. Can’t wait to power up again after storm Dennis gas buggered off.
Thanks for the advice Richard.
Steve O.

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Well, after the recent storms have gone and the system is powered back up and fully warmed up I have to say after fitting the shims the Superline is sounding at least 20% better. Must never have been sitting pefectly.
Made up.

Steve, it just shows how essential it is to ensure that the metal feet on the reference kit are all making perfect contact with absolutely no rocking at all. It really does make a big difference to the performance. Naim set them up using a special plate (same alloy as used on the SL2 interface plates) which is perfectly flat. Trouble is, most surfaces, even glass, are not perfectly flat, hence the need for shims.

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