Shine - Joni Mitchell

There was a previous thread relating to the vinyl release of this, Joni’s last album, but that thread is now closed.
I was just wondering…we are now well past the release date.
Has anybody actually received a copy ?

No, I got an email from the river telling me its date had been put back, but no new date.

Just receive this update "Joni Mitchell “Shine [VINYL]”
Estimated arrival date: April 26 2020

Yes, I got the same message.
Now let’s see …

£33 on the River. That’s a bit steep!

Well, when I ordered my copy, the price was under £18.
That price is the one I will be charged … so long as they can deliver !

That’s much more reasonable. I’ll keep checking back.

Look what was left on my doorstep earlier (doorbell rung).


That’s funny.
Same thing happened to me :grinning:


Down to £22.99 on the river now. What’s the verdict from those who have had a chance to listen?

I’m very impressed with the quality, very good SQ.

Euro 21.99 in Germany, say release is December, label is concord.

I will add my recommendation also, having now listened to it.
Nice quiet surfaces. Good sound, which is just about guaranteed when Bernie Grundman is doing the mastering.
It’s really good to have it in the “large format”.
Listening to it again made me realise what a fine album it is.

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One listen on the iphone so far so unable to judge the sound quality obviously :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but I like the music. Reminiscent of Night Ride Home I think. Will be ordering this.

Arrived today, interestingly on the cover is a sticker

“mastered from the original high resolution sources”

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