I have only 2 good shirts left, but need them the whole week together with my suits.

Time for some new ones.

I used to buy Eton shirts, a Swedish brand of high quality shirts. Expensive though, a simple shirt for around Euro 100 and going up quickly to Euro 150 / 160 per shirt.

The shirts must be no ironing - this is a hard requirement for me since I travel a lot for business.

Any recommendations?

Get them made to measure …

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Brooks Brothers if available where you are

Charles Twit.

I discovered them a few years ago, and they beat anything I’ve had previously even for 2-3 times the price.


That’s spelt Tyrwhitt in case you were unaware.


Thanks, IB. I’ll give them a visit next week. It seems they offer reductions on volumes.

Yes, I usually buy in 4s - and if there aren’t 4 I like when I see one or two that catch my eye, one or other of my sons makes up the order!

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M&S do good no iron shirts. The collars sometimes need a quick once over. Highly recommended.

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An advantage of Charles Twit is being able to choose the sleeve length, as well as a choice of body fit.

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Pink shirts are excellent quality, nice material & good tailoring.


Thomas Pink shirts are nice when new but I found that for some reason the collars and cuffs on them would fray rather faster than others, which was a shame. However, I do have a soft spot for their Batiste or Sea Island cotton shirts.

New & Lingwood and Hilditch & Key were old favourites back in the days of Uni and working in London. N&L went a bit downhill after the '80s but H&K always made a very high quality shirt, even if I tended to prefer the shape of the New & Lingwood collar. The time to buy Hilditch & Key shirts is during their sale, otherwise they can be quite pricey.

That said, these days it’s hard to ignore the value offered by Charles Tyrwhitt. I particularly like the cut of their button down oxford shirts, and as I now have no need of anything more formal, a blue, white or pink oxford is pretty much ideal.


A few months ago on the Naim facebook page the company asked if people were interested in Naim merchandise like Polo shirts, anything in the pipeline?

No idea Gazza. I’ll have to ask them. Maybe when I see some of the crew at the High End show in Munich.

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O K thanks Richard

I second the Charles Tyrwitt recommendations. Their non-iron shirts are the best I know. If you want bespoke, I recommend Budd.

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The problem I have is that I like to keep my iPhone in my shirt breast pocket and so few offer breast pockets, unless you have them made, which I don’t think is a justifiable expense for me.

Drip dry does depend on quality on how long it can drip dry before the wrinkles set in.
Like socks that start being too big - then fit - then start being too small, due to fibre shrinkage.
Marks and Sparks have the technological edge no doubt on this…
Boutique brands need to be nursed when washing and ironing.

Have you tried the CT shirts @tobyjug?

Pretty green.

These are nice. And still feel and look cool if they do go a bit wrinkled.

CT do offer a pocket option, though It costs about £8, which seems a lot compared to the price of the shirt. Another brand is T.M.Lewin, like CT have choices of sleeve length, collars and cuffs etc, though I find less to like in their fabric choices than CT - I seem to recall that they do some shirts with pockets as standard.