Short List For Home Trail Of Cables

I am now the owner of a SN3+ HiCapDR and a ND5XS and I am currently using them with the interconnects I was usimg between my Nu-Vista CD player and Nu-Vista amp. I am looking to put together a short list of cables for home trial to try and increase the sound stage top to bottom, left to right and front to back. To also to try and give there more “gap” between the instruments and to try and make the treble a little brighter but not harsh. To try and make the base more like a LED going on and off.
The short list I have so far are Witch Hat Morgana Source and Phantom speaker cable and Tellurium Q Ultra Black 11 speaker cable and Black DIN cable.
Are there any other cables I should be considering for home trialling?
Thank you.
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S a fellow Naim/MF user, I have finally found success with both Chord ICs and speaker cables. I use Epic X as speaker cable and either epic or signature. A significant improvement over my van den hul ICs and qed speaker cable.

It might be worth saying which cables you are using at the moment to establish a known starting point. Your profile says you are using Graham speakers and some sort of passive subwoofers. I’m wondering if the use of passive subs, which presumably don’t have their own amplifiers, might be causing problems - the SN cannot drive the main speakers and something else at the same time. Apologies here if I’m totally confused!

I’m not convinced that any cables can do what you seek. To me they are the things to play with to get the last ounce of performance from the main system. I’d be looking at the speakers first, assuming of course that the wires you have currently are suitable for Naim amplification.

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Naim isn’t known for fantastic layering within the music so I don’t know that you will achieve what you desire via cables.

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