Short runs of NACA5 (1m)

I just read the speaker cable FAQ sections related to Naim vs Non-Naim cables, length, etc, but didn’t get a view on a particular question I have; is there a lesser impact of using a shorter cable (say 1m or so) in a smaller / lower powered system like a UQ?

I’m changing out speaker cables on my office setup (the UQ1) and don’t have a big enough distance between the unit and speakers that would require 3.5m of cables. Obviously not a lot of power and I don’t play it very loud or put undue strain on it.

So would a shorter cable run be ok in that circumstance? Electricity is not my bag, baby… :grinning:

A unitiqute isn’t bothered by shorter speaker cables. The 3.5m minimum length recommendation is for older amps. I think mine on a uq2 are 2m.

thanks Robert - was hoping this was the case

I’ve got 1m cables on my Atom. No problems at all in the last 6 years

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