Shoud i upgrade power cable into my nait 5si

i get a loud back whitenoise at 11 o clock or louder volume specially in betwing song and song and in some jazz recordings when there is silence of rest of music and you hear only bassist solo i called the dealer he told me to put of a switch and put on or try original cable i still have these noise.
will getting a better power cable reduce the noise my power cable is a Audioquest nrg from some years back.
what cables are great for these amp these dealer carries power cables from audioquest,chord company,in akustik and isotek i woud prefer to buy from there like i can pay in diferent rates .

I don’t think the problem is with your cable(s). What speakers do you have? Are they super efficient? Is the noise just normal amplifier hiss or is it something else?

have headphones i tryed also 2 other headphones of a friend with all it happened yes it,s a amplifier hiss just like you leave a guitar amp open at very hi.

11 oclock! :flushed:
Not surprised there’s some hiss.

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As sktn77a said most likely it is not power cable, but power cable upgrade will improve 5si.


Jeeez !!! … 11’oclock, you cannot be serious.
What in room dB does that give?

If you haven’t already got one, get one of the smartphone or tablet sound dB meters & check.
70 dBA and lower is considered safe with no time duration.
85 dBA and above will damage your hearing over time.
Lots of info on this can be found on www

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You need a Supernait :grinning:

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i changed power cable audioquest for a isotek noice get reduced to the half next im getting a isotek gemini

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