Should an ND555 drive a Headline

I’ve connected the captive DIN cable from a HiCap powered Headline 2 to the DIN output of a ND555 and no sound. It worked into my NAC 282.

I recently swapped the 282 for a NAC 252 but the US importer appears to have shut down because of the Virus. I’d like to listen to the Headline while I’m waiting for the 252.

The wiring on the Headline DIN plug is wrong for this application and would need swapping to work with the output socket pin allocation on the ND555. This differs from the pin allocation on something like the Tape,AV or Aux1 outputs on the 282. Take a look at the little diagrams on the back of each component and you’ll see the difference.

Naim used to offer (not sure if they still do, but worth asking) something called a Headline Adaptor for use on the direct DIN output of a source. As standard the DIN on the Headline is for connecting to the DIN on a pre-amp and taking the REC OUT signal, which is on different pins.

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I’ve seen a similar adaptor (CD to Headline) from a UK manufacturer of Naim-style cables who is often mentioned on these forums. Can I name him?

Should be OK, so long as it doesn’t break any forum rules.

The one I was looking at for this particular situation is from Flashback Sales.

Also there’s an eBay retailer that makes a variety of adaptors using Gotham cable. Indeed, I’m looking myself for an adaptor for my new Headline, which will have RCA plugs rather than DIN.

Neither will break the bank!

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Thanks, that explains it. I’ll just wait until I get my new NAC 252 when the importer goes back to work.

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Does it have a name or part number?

Better than that - the advice of a genius.


After acquiring a HL2 with a DIN captive cable it proved to be defective/damaged. There were no more DIN versions in North America so I (apparently) got the last one with an RCA cable.
This turned out to be fortuitous. I can connect directly to my ND555 as I wanted to and it sounds great.

I’m done now, ND555, NAC252 w/SuperCap, NAP300 DR and the Headline 2 w/HiCap DR.


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