Should I leave the Naim Supernait 2 on all the time?

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Should I leave the Naim Supernait 2 on all the time? And switch it off only when the storm coming or I leave for a few days? And if so, should it stays in mute mode or volume down?

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Yes, that is how I leave my systems on (Nova, Uniti2 and UC2). I never mute, just volume down. Might depend on young fingers fiddling though?

I leave my system (Supernait NDX NAT) powered on all the time - except storms & time away from house. I leave it on mute when not in use but do not change volume.

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If you have a streamer, they have very occasionally been known to turn themselves on for no obvious reason, so I would certainly mute or turn down the volume.

Thank you for all replies. I have a Chord Qutest connected to the amp, should I leave it on as well? It has no power button anyway…

Does leaving it on 24/7 effectively reduce the life of the psu in terms of how long it will need before recapping?

I leave my system (Naim DAC + SN2) on 24/7. I turn mute on when not in use. Only if I’m away from home for one night or more, I turn them completely off.

Any reason to leave it on? What is the science behind it?

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I used to leave my (non Naim) amplifier on 24/7, but was advised by the manufacturer not to do so because it would dramatically reduce the life of the capacitors. They advised me that the optimum option was to switch them on approximately 30 minutes before use.

I´m guessing the stress of the components during warming up and down would be the reason. But I haven´t found any sience behind that yet. The best answer would be probably from manufacturer (Naim here), they must have plenty of experience.

Naim recommend leaving everything powered on

As I understand it; on & off cycling causes thermal & electrical stress to components, component life is extended when left in a stable thermal & running state.
Cold components sound quality is inferior & warm up time might be a consideration.

Its all a question of whatever suits you & your live style, I’m thinking of how often you use the equipment & how leaving it on continuously sits with your environmental concerns.

I leave my Unitilite on 24/7.
I used to turn it off but found that the CD drawer would not open first time, but now it opens without problem’

My system is left powered on 24/7. I don’t do anything with the volume control either. I usually remove the CD from the player and then walk out of the room! If I went away for several weeks I would consider turning it off but probably wouldn’t. Last time I was away I left the system on and playing for a week as I had some new SL cables!

Naims advice in any of the manuals is to leave powered on 24/7 so I follow that advice BUT if I do turn everything off it takes A LONG time to sound ‘perfect’ again. Certainly not 30 minutes, probably not even 30 hours, maybe 30 days!

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I’d be a little worried if my system had similar shortcomings.

Just kidding - I think.

I agree it’s an odd process, but given time, the system seems to settle down and sound more natural. It still sounds good of course after a few hours of being turned on, but for me, it never sounds as good on start up if I have to power down, unless its a quick one!

I leave it all powered on except when I go away longer than a couple of days or when there’s lightning in the vicinity.

However, I do turn my RADIKAL power supply off when I’m not using the turntable. But does anyone know if the Urika circuitry is powered at all if the turntable isn’t rotating? For instance, it is possible to brush the stylus when the platter is static and it is not passed to the amplifier. So is the output from the Urika muted or is it just not powered until the platter is spinning?

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I leave it powered on all the time except when leaving home for a day or more. As for the capacitors, my Nait 2 is powered on since 1987 and still going strong. I think it should be time for a complete service but I hesitate as i’m too afraid that this would alter the sound ! :wink:


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