Should I service or sell?

Hello there I have had the same system for around 20 years comprising nac/nap 90/92 with flatcap driving ruark templer speakers , cd 3.5 and linn LP12 .
However I purchased the ruark mr1 mk2 active speakers for the office and I have to say they sound more dynamic and exciting than the main niam system .
So I am wondering wether to get the 90/92 plus flatcap serviced as this has not been done as far as I can remember!. And perhaps look around for a change of speaker …the cd3.5 is going though as I want to move to a streamer for my cd replay and internet radio .
Or should I simply sell and invest in a more modern system ?.
Or will a service a change potentially of speaker breath new life into my system ?.
Any speaker recommendations welcome as well .
Many thanks in advance …

without doubt, if its all 20 years old then yes, service is certainly the way forward!



There was an interesting thread recently, regarding the economics of servicing vs selling and buying something newer. Specifically on the NAC92/NAP90 too

Worth a read.

I’m quite sentimental, so understand people who wish to spend a chunk of cash servicing older gear. Also, until you ask a dealer for a price you can’t make a sell/service decision.


A used Supernait 3 will be an excellent upgrade bang up to date technology and less boxes the rest of your system will get an instant uplift you could even buy a very late model used Supernait 2 for not very much more than the cost of servicing your current set up.

At first you could buy a used Chord Mojo for around £200 which will connect to either your phone or your laptop and give you an intro into streaming and later if you like it you could upgrade to a standalone streamer to pair with the Supernait.

Cost performance-wise, that gear won’t be worth much second hand. Not those particular models and the CD 3.5 have no replacement mechs so no one will touch those unless for spares.

But the performance of that system, if serviced, is very good. What you sell it for would never come close to buying a modern equivalent or even something else non Naim as good. Servicing will likely cost more than you could sell it for in fact.

Only you can decide what to do with it. But unless you are prepared to pay for a new system (since th resale of the current won’t help much), then the most cost effective way of a performance lift and adding a bit of longevity would be to get the 92/90/FC all recapped and serviced and replace the CD 3,5 with a new CD 5i .


Thanks yes I know the cost of service will surpass value the other route maybe to go 72/140 plus hicap then get that serviced as the service will cost about the same ! from what I have heard that would make a very good upgrade especially with the LP12 source and I note someone on here is using the bluenode 2 as the streaming source with a 72/140 .

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You’re at an important moment, with the opportunity to do the right thing.
I’ll assume that as you’ve had your current system for so long, you’re not the sort of Naim owner that’ll be on the endless upgrade journey, so getting it right is probably more important to you.
If your pre amp is the 92 and not 92R, and you’re happy to change to another pre without remote control, then yes, a 72/140/HC would be a very worthwhile upgrade. Adding a separate streamer such as the Bluesound would keep you happy, I’m sure. For the 72/140/HC in the U.K. you’d pay around £1,200-1,400. You’d cover about half that by selling your current Naim boxes, maybe even more. Priced well, they’ll sell quickly.

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Thanks and I assume with service that would take me over £2000.00 .
Given that kind of outlay would a more modern upgrade be better ? Just all food for thought !.

Only you can decide.

Just remember that if you buy used and buy wisely, you won’t lose much/anything if you decide something isn’t to your taste, especially with well cared for olive gear.

Interesting spoke to Josh at witch hat they made some very good speaker cables for me some time ago and service niam gear .
He gave me some very good prices for servicing the 90/92 and flatcap and said with a proper service I really would hear a difference!.
So still considering my options but his serving quotes are really food for thought !.

Check Class A in Sheffield too, they are Naim authorised

Regarding the Templars Tazio- did you follow their advice and fill the compartments with sand to dampen? If not, they recommend half-filling the compartment and having a listen, the danger being you’d have to pour it out if you don’t like the result!
At the time they were released, the Templars were really good value for money and easily driven. I’ve not heard them so can’t comment on alternatives but if you feel like a change then some idea of budget and style could be helpful to Forum members.

I would estimate you would get around 500 pounds for the fc/90/92. It would cost around 5-600 pounds for a service of all three boxes.
You could buy a 72/140 serviced for around 8-900 pounds if you are patient and watch the ads. It would sound better than the 90/92/fc even without a hicap. Add the hc and the sq would improve even further.

On the streaming. To compare with the lp12 the Bluesound Node is a minimum. You would really need to add a good dac to get to LP12 level.

All my opinion based on what I have been trying over the last couple of years.

Service them if you like the set. You cannot buy anything comparable for the money. 72/140 is much better however, a sweet spot in the Naim lineup.

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Get them serviced and then mothball them in storage. Who knows they may well become more valuable over time due to their oddity.
Meanwhile get an XS3.

That doesn’t seem a good idea. The capacitors age with time, so there’s not a lot of point in getting them serviced, then not using them.

It’s a bit sad if people start buying, then mothballing Naim stuff, in the hope that it will appreciate in value.

Really ?
I believe a good usage will make capacitors eventually bulge and get out of shape. But, without usage will they dry up and shrivel ? :grinning:

Yes the templiers are 1995 vintage having spoken to Josh at witch hat it seems the lack of dynamics are more lightly to be the lack of service on the pre amp , amp, and flatcap however I may still like a change as although as you say the templiers particularly the mk1 is very nice it would be good to try a later more modern speaker … budget would be around £1200.00 plus stands or say up to £1500 floor stander I do like value for listening pound though so quite happy to pay less if the sound is there !.

I believe so.

I’m going by what I’ve been told in the past, but I’m no electrical engineer or physicist.

Others who do know will no doubt contribute soon enough.

That budget would struggle to find any new or old speakers to better your Ruarks.
I ran an XS2 with Ruark Prelude II and was very fond of that combo.
I would suggest keeping your Ruarks, maybe upgrading speaker cables.

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