Should I upgrade Power?

I have a Supernait 2, RP10, CDX2, Chord Hugo, Dynaudio Special 40 in my very small office.

No power ‘upgrades’ beyond standard cables.

Should I go there?

Dedicated mains might be a good place to start if it’s possible? Has made a worthwhile improvement for me in a couple of properties.

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Cheers - I use a good quality power block, but was thinking more things I could dio without an electrician?

Like any Naim options?



Save the cash and put it towards an XPS2 :grinning:


Can you home demo any PSUs as it’s either XPS or Hicap DR. I would guess general consensus would be PSU on source

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Here at my home in the States, the ac wiring is quite good and I never hear anything leaking in. But in the UK and EU, it seems the consistent advice is a dedicated mains circuit in your home provides the best improvement.

If you want to try Naim PowerLines, look for them used. Should be about 50% of new retail price.

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Hi @timtunes

Definitely add a XPSDR to your CDX2, I did and my whole CD collection transformed for the better.

+1 for the Power Supplies for the CDX2 and SN2!

Not sure where you are located but check some dealers website to see if they have any in stock, new or used, and see if you can arrange a home demo.

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Hi there,

Hicap Dr for your SN2 it’s definitely worth a try.
What kind of power block do you have? - Any filters are not required/recommended for Naim gear.


Thanks, one of these

looks fine, just try to use unfiltered sockets if possible

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Still thinking about this - will £1500 on a HiCap be a wise investment vs. maybe just upgrading the amp itself (this is for a very small room)

Hello - since gor a HiCap for my SN2, love it.

My CD5 XS has been Naim modded to be digital out. Will I likely get any gain from getting a Flatcap xs or Flatcap 2x?

Even more with a second hand hicap ( non dr). It was my source before cdx2/ xps2.

Oh hang on! Wrong box - I have a CDX 2

Same question can I use a Flatcap 2X to upgrade power or what?

A Flatcap was used to power the analog circuits only on the CD5x, you needed to plug in its own mains lead for the digital so in that case there is no benefit from using a flatcap. The CDX2 couldn’t be powered from any cap power supply, you needed an XPS or 555ps and a Burndy cable. The power cable for the CDX2 was no longer used in that case so yes, an external ps could be of some benefit.

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