Should we fix our home energy prices?

We are perfectly happy to have a smart meter. It saves reading the meter and gives the power company useful information on use which hopefully will enable a more efficient grid and ultimately enable reduction in the burning of fossil fuels. It seems very odd that people see it as some sort of conspiracy, but then there are lots of odd views around.

We have a same rate all day tariff. I just don’t want the faff of deciding when to best use power, though obviously I see the point of it. We have an electric oven, and as we cook at about 7 it would coincide with the most expensive time on an agile tariff. I don’t want to eat at 4, like a baby.

Last year we took part in every single one of Octopus’s fuel saving hours, which saved us a few pounds, were most enjoyable, sitting in the dark with candles, and did help to prevent coal fired power stations being switched on. Hopefully they will operate again this winter.

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Actually, Agile rates start getting much cheaper at 7pm - 21p per kWh both yesterday and today. It might actually work really well in your circumstances.

Thanks. We are on a one year fix with Octopus at the moment, with large penalties if we terminate early. I’ll take another look next summer when it runs out. I’m keen to do all I can to help the environment, other than eating at 4pm!

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We came off Agile due to the ‘bump’ at peak times just as solar output starts diminishing, particularly at this time of the year through to spring.

Tracker works better for us, a single rate for the day which makes it much easier to manage. With a notification of tomorrow’s price normally by noon our decisions on when to use power are much simpler.

Thanks - i omitted to mention that it’s a commercial supply so far more restricted for choice in tariffs. I understand octopus have only very recently introduced the first time of use tariff for businesses so it hasn’t even been possible for more than a month or two. Maybe next year! (We just got a new fixed contract for 12 months)

Are you planning to fix?

Yes, I fixed again just for a year so will see how the land lies again next year :crossed_fingers:

Can you say what issues you had with Octopus billing?

I know Octopus is highly regarded but personally had a few issues. When Smart meter was first installed it billed me middle of the month. I keep a Spreadsheet and review monthly usage on 1st of month, so I asked if it could be changed to bill me on 1st of the month as had always been the case when giving manual readings. Anyway, I gave readings on 1st got billed and then another bill halfway through month. Despite numerous calls took them about 6 months and of course was just a few clicks at their end!. I still submit manual readings on 1st because I don’t trust them!

The answer to this question always depends on whether you consider (believe) energy prices are going to go up or go down, the answer to which, we are told not unsurprisingly by the energy suppliers, is a very complex question which we mere mortals are not really equipped to understand……

However, most if not all energy companies, whilst complaining of continually rising wholesales costs (???) are simultaneously recording record profits…… hmmmmm.

Therefore, if asked to guess whether energy prices will go up or down, in the absence of external factors, e.g. Govt intervention, the answer appears to be self evident, particularly in a ‘free’ market economy such as our own. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If the energy companies are offering fixed deals then the prices are likely to go down. Surely :thinking:

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Record costs + record profits, you should be correct, but the math doesn’t stand up, particularly when the cost of living crisis is driving people to consume less energy. Only times, as far as I can see, that prices have gone ‘down’ is when OFGEM reduced their price cap, bearing in mind that this does not necessarily reduce bills.

No-one publishes their workings as we used to say, so inference appears all there is left.



Gee thanks British Gas I was hoping for a nice surprise (not really):


Errr, nothing I need to do, that’s reassuring:


I might be a bit dim but that means more expensive fuel doesn’t it ?

Seems a bit odd to me that they can announce a price rise before Ofgem officially announce the price cap?


Prices will rise by about £100 p.a. from January and then come down again after March, based on future contracts.

You could have easily changed the billing date in the app actually.

Naturally we get hints from place (Cornwall Institute?) about the trends beforehand but I’m getting quite cynical about these price caps/changes.

Oddly, Ovo are frustrating with their online site.

I succumbed from monthly PAYG billing to direct debit about 2 months ago.

Bill comes out around the 21st, and I elected to pay by DD for the recommended amount on 5th of following months (their site allowed this), roughly when I would have paid manually.

Within a few weeks I was getting ‘by 31st March you’ll owe us £250, you’re DD needs to go up’ - why should I if the payment 5 days later will put me in credit? They want a £75 monthly increase, why can’t I simply change my DD to 31st March, 5 days earlier which would solve this? Can’t do so on the website though suspect I could if I phoned them.

I wasn’t referring to Ovo. @IanB61 had his problem with Octopus. I’m sure the retailers are all different in how they handle these things.

I know, general comment, sorry to confuse you :slightly_smiling_face: