Show us your ATCs

Blimey. The 50ASLT. That’s another level indeed. I would love a pair of the 50 classics (non-tower), but I suspect that they’d overload my room…

Me too…

Interesting. I’m hearing this quite a lot. In theory, Dacs with their own preamp straight into actives should sound better. But many people prefer less of a direct route. Interesting…

Hi Ryder
Happy Saturday to you.

Like others, I love the idea of active 40’s, with just two or three boxes. Anyway….

It’s noticed you’ve now added Innous Pulse to the nDAC.
How are you getting on with that?
I’m also interested to hear if you considered alternatives and any thoughts on that?

Lastly, curious to know what you did with ZENmini?
Has it gone sideways into another room / system. So, still there, albeit via network, etc.

All interesting stuff, when it’s a possible route on your own musical journey :wink:

Thanks in advance


The pulse is great, instantly better than the zen mini with PS, even from cold. I changed because the zen died on me, it would not recognise any audio outputs. I will send it for repair at some point and use it with my headphones and Hugo TT2.

Currently dipping back into cd replay with an audio lab 6000 connected to the ndac and really enjoying it!


CDX2 with XPS for me. SQ amazing

I can only think it is the lack of noise from the network side of things but there is always a slight glare in the top end that is not there via cd. Maybe I need a better switch but it gets quite tiresome trying to optimise the streaming side of things when cd is just plug and play!

I have English Electric switch8. Highly recommend it


Me too! Still get glare. I was thinking of trialling the Innuos Phoenix net but it is serious money

EE switch is powered by Powergrip filter, it gives a a very good result

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