Show us your ATCs

2549 is the best, 2534 very close to it on long runs

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thanks teslik for your response

ATC SCM7 on the windowsill in a near field setting for the time being…

Just one here, and croped at that, as the rest of the room is a mess…


This is my system in the living room.

I really like how it sounds, but less how it looks.

The thing in the middle is a fire.

If this were your room what would you change?


I’d get rid of the fire, put the TV in the middle and get the speakers out of the corners and about 2m apart. Maybe that would work with just one of the shelving units rather than two. Is it a gas fire? I’ve never seen anything like it. Then I’d want some good artwork.


Thanks for the suggestions. The fire is fueled by bioethanol and was made in Denmark.

artwork and dog


Could you reorient the room so that the Hi Fi and other tech is away from the fire?
I assume the sofa is facing an outside view…:thinking:

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The right speaker is pointing straight at the sofa. It’s hard to suggest things without seeing the whole room, but QuickSticks’s idea sounds good.

Speakers are slightly toed in. The right one sits above sofa arm.

Excuse the mess😊


I would definitely be tempted to swap the room over. Seats either side of the fire (if it has to stay) and put all the tech on the other side.
…but, room flow is important too.


I’d agree with @QuickSticks last suggestion and no major renovation needed (as long as there’s electric sockets on the opposite wall).
I would guess it would only take an afternoon to try and you get small workout for free :joy:


The fire could move to opposite end between chairs and had considered that. It is a living flame fire, so that’s a thing to be cautious about.

Is the drawing the reverse of the actual orientation?:thinking:

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I think it is, otherwise the door would be behind the sofa.

Is the fire plumbed in to the ethanol, or is it in the bottom bit? If the latter, you could move it elsewhere, as it seems to be the thing causing the problems.

Photo’s reversed? The text reads correctly on the plan…or it’s a mirrored semi-detached and we are seeing your neighbour.

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Sorry, yes the other way around. House are mirror images, 5 pairs of two.

The block of silver is a tank that holds the bioethanol. It is moveable but require a solid wall as it is very heavy.

This is what I would do. Location of the fireplace is the problem in the current setup. Or if possible, relocate the fireplace.

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Much has already been said. One more point: speaker positioning is absolutely central and needs no special investment. More distance from the side and rear walls would help a lot (speakers need air around them). It is definitely worth experimenting a little here within the scope of the possibilities in a living room. It could also be advantageous to use the sofa as a listening place. The sofa could be moved from the side wall to the back wall with at least one metre distance to the back wall. Sitting directly in front of an undamped back wall is not optimal acoustically. One or both armchairs could then be placed more freely to the right or left. Possibly the TV could also be hung on the wall next to the entrance. You also have a Muso as a sound bar, so the TV does not necessarily have to be connected to the system. There are many instructions on the subject of speaker positioning on the Internet. A good starting point is this video: have fun trying it out. It’s worth it.


I think a new dedicated thread would be of value to you here – with the image posted correctly orientated. There are some guiding things here IMHO:

1- You need the speakers to be equidistant the side walls
2- generally, speakers hate being in corners – often leads to bass boom.
3- glass behind speakers isn’t bad, as it’s generally permeable to sound, although with DG it’s far less than single pane glass.
4- looking at your blinds, I’m assuming you’re not south facing i.e. the room isn’t drenched with strong and sometimes low light?

I think if you do switch the room 90-degrees, so you are looking at the windows, one major part of the puzzle will be managing the light.

As others have said, most speakers like to have room around them, even smaller ones, although many like to be confined back to walls to enhance their bass. It’s a question of trialling things.