Show us your [camera] lenses

There is a current “Show us your camera” thread, and there had been an earlier one back in 2020, and whilst some people posted lens info in that older thread, and some camera pics in the current one include lenses, I don’t recall seeing a thread dedicated to lenses, even though arguably in terms of image quality lenses are more important than the remainder of the camera. So, thinking of interchangeable lens cameras, this is an invitation to show what you use, or have used, and maybe give some idea of what is good or bad about them.

To kick off, these are my current lenses, all Canon EF fit, which I now use on my Canon R mirrorless camera (via an EF-RF adapter):

Sigma 12-24 f/4.5-5.6 DG. Wideangle zoom, great for landscapes etc, significantly less costly than Canon’s equivalent.

Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS ii. My ‘stock’ lens, standard zoom, this is what I take for general purpose use. Image stabilisation makes it easily usable handheld.

Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 L IS ii. Bought for, or at least justified by, a safari holiday. Although of course better on a tripod, the mk ii image stabilisation aids its usability handheld, though on the safari in an often moving vehicle a high shutter speed was necessary anyway. Its camouflage cover was not primarily for camouflage - after all in a moving jeep the lens is unlikely to be the main cause of being noticed -but because I do not want to carry something that immediately informs as to value and identity, and that is wherever I go. Something I haven’t tried yet, but have high hopes for, is astrophotography using this lens, e.g. for nebulae.

I also have another and very interesting lens, though not used for some time:

Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6 DO. Remarkably compact and relatively light - prime considerations in my choosing to buy it - this lens is one of only two (I think) Diffraction Optic models Canon produced in EF fit (the other was a 400 prime, and now in RF fit they have a 600 and an 800). However, despite having read good reviews of its performance I was always disappointed with the sharpness of images, so eventually sold it. The buyer complained there was a problem, claiming to be familiar with the lens, and provided enough supporting info for me to take seriously, so it was returned. I sent to Canon for repair - and it came back performing better than it ever had! My original thought was to evaluate which of this and the 100-400 to keep after the safari, but still haven’t done so. Whilst the latter is sharper and with a longer maximum, it is much larger and heavier so less likely to be carried unless for something very specific - on the other hand having found how good it is to use I don’t want to let it go! In essence I just have to decide whether or not I’m actually going to get any more use out of this 70-100 DO and if not dispose of it.


An esoteric, slightly uncommon one:

Anyone know why the rubber has greyed/perished???

Crikey, look at the dust!


Beat me to it, my most recent acquisition from LCE. Managed to find the hood for it, courtesy of Campkins Cameras.

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New or ‘pre-loved’?

I had a lovely 100mm EF macro stolen along with many L lenses and a Canon 10D.

I bought the MP-E 65 some time ago, but hate using tripods (well not hate but rarely have patience) and never got a proper ringlight for it, something I really should remedy as I’ve probably never given it a fair crack of the whip.

Thanks for that, pretty reasonable at £33, I should get one.

My 5D4 was s/h from Park Cameras in Burgess Hill in Sussex.

Took a few weeks to get hold of the hood - rare as hens teeth apparently - but Campkins persevered and it arrived last weekend :smile: There are knock-offs on the infamous auction site.

only had it for few months, so still trying it out on my 5D4, Manfrotto tripod, Kiwi macro 2 axis head, and MR-14 EX ringflash.

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Nikon 50mm f1.4 // 24-70mm f2.8 // 70-200mm f2.8
Also a Sigma 105mm f2.8
Too lazy to get the Nikon lot out!:sunglasses:


If it’s natural rubber or nitrile it could be caused by ozone attack.

Wipe it over a few times with a damp cloth.

If all else fails try WD40, it should be OK if it’s nitrile.

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The Old 'Uns:

FD mount Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter
FD mount Vivitar 2x Teleconverter
FD mount Canon 50mm f1.4
FD mount Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm f3.5
FD mount Vivitar Series 1 24-48mm f3.8
EF-S mount Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5
…and not shown (having been “borrowed” by Daughter#1, so don’t quote me if the specs are slightly wrong!)
EF-S mount Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6
EF-S mount Canon 55-250mm f4-5.6
EF-S mount Canon 50mm f1.4

The New Ones (all Canon EF mount):

L-R as before
180mm Macro L f3.5
50mm f1.4
16-35mm L f4.0
24-105mm L f4.0
70-200mm L f4.0
2x Extender
100-400mm L f4.5-5.6
1.4x Extender
MP-E 65mm f2.8 1-5x Macro

And the most useful one of all:


We live in a city, and I’m unsure if it’s an atmospheric thing or not, but I’ve had several items with ‘rubbery’ cases or parts which have degraded badly, some even becoming soft and gooey (eg an old Psion 3 personal organiser, a USB hub, some remotes with rubbery parts). Maybe the rubbery plastics just degrade like that but odd all the same.

A coffee lens?


…and also the feet on Naim & Meridian hifi units! So resting a slimline olive unit on a beige carpet is not recommended…took a good hour to get the marks out!

Curiously, the feet on our old L1nn LK series kit don’t seem to suffer as much.

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Minolta 35 mm f1.4 - fast, heavy and solid lens, seen some rough days in the Arctic. As Ken Rockwell said: “Everything’s perfect”. After many years still my darling!

Old Ken Rockwell review


What ix the silver coloured thing on your 24-105?

Edit: just seen @Alley_Cat’s post and understand!


Christmas present from the daughters! :laughing:


Long gone but this one was a cracker in its heyday!

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Apologies to @Innocent_Bystander for slight thread drift, but this might be a thread to ask the following question.
I have a number of Canon lens and a small amount of kit to give away.
I given some electrical items to BHF.
IIUC Cancer Research have a dedicated team who sell certain types of donations on the usual auction sites.
Any experience peps, as to which charity would be able to gain best from a donation, based perhaps on experience?

Pink Fish have both photo and charity classified ads sections.

I found Mind is very organised and efficient.

Sign up for gift aid. They give you a number. Every time you donate they ask you for the number. Every four months or so they send you a statement advising how much they sold your donations for.

Before Covid, I used to enjoy going to auctions. I’d quite often buy a job lot box because it contained something of interest. The rest went to Mind, who would make on average £300 every four months.

You could always sell it on ebay and donate 100% to charity of your choice. With 100% donation you won’t pay and sellers fees. I sold some camera equipment for my neighbour, whose husband died last year, with 100% going to cancer research.

No problem at all

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