Show us your DIY Speakers + Naim Gear

I had a pair of those years ago … they were quite neutral with a very nice midrange and an excellent tweeter… hence why I am building the Kans…love that midrange…and the B110 is quite a punchy little speaker…

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Looking very nice Rich👍

Interesting project - should be fun, especially with a 500 up ‘em !

Yeah thats my thought…currently I am using PMC20.21 which sound amazing… but I am old school…and I always loved the Kan and I adore the B110 mid driver which has a beautiful vocal mid band.

This one looks good I am have trouble with the other cabinet…I am in process of removing and refixing some veneer…doh. Hope its all worth it…my wife thinks I am bonkers!!! These will be finished in black…I have installed magnates to hold the grills…I am also going to recess the Hiquvon tweeter…phew…

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Looks a nice project Richie, that cab looks excellent, its arousing my speaker building juices, I need to go lie down in a quiet dark room.
As for wife thinking you’re bonkers, my wife was in no doubt about my bonkers when I was building, at one time I had a workshop full on the go, my own multiple project prototypes & building or modifying for others.
I’m well over it all now, I’d like to say fully recovered, but like an alcoholic its always remission.
(BTW - Falcon Acoustics are located at Stanton St John a village just a couple of clicks up the road from me)

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Very nice, keep us posted on the progress.

Gosh…that must be tempting, just down the road.

… add to that the village has a nice pub/restaurant.


I’d be interested if anyone has any expertise / views on the affect of different crossover units. I replaced an original KEF DN12 crossover unit with a new design from Wilmslow Audio which they developed for the B139 / B110 / T27 units. I’m sure that’s a big factor in the improved sound quality, but I see that Falcon Acoustics also offer a xo for these drivers too so I’m now starting to wonder if that’s a change I should consider, given they actually manufacture the drivers? Ultimately, can you actually ‘tune’ a crossover unit to take account of the enclosures as well as the drive units themselves?

This thread is going down the drain….!

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Apologies. Maybe some more photos of homemade speakers can rescue it…?

Sorry, I wasn’t being critical of this thread, just an attempt at humour in response to the drainpipe speakers @frenchrooster posted.

I am envious of those with the woodworking skills to produce such great looking 'speakers. Blimey @Mike-B, @Richieroo and @Mark84, very impressive stuff.

I like this thread, but alas no photos from me.


Crossovers are unique to the drivers being used, as well as the cabinet front panel dimensions. As far as I am aware, using something that is not specifically designed for the speaker in question is a shot in the dark. If that crossover is made for that exact design, then it would be fine. Otherwise, I would check the components and see if you can identify the specs on them to build a new one you yourself. Just buy the components and soldier together.

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Could pose a challenge as a urinal!

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Crossover design will also vary according to cabinet volume and loading, eg reflex, transmission line, and so on. There are a lot of parameters to juggle.

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I’d like to help you out but I’m over on the in the states. Here’s what I would do. Find out who sells plastic laminate like formica and also sells veneer. Contact their sales department and ask him for some local fabricators. We call them job shops. The run the veneer on three sides of a cabinet and it’s face is no big deal at all for an accomplished j o i n e r. Good luck

Thanks @anon63788981, much appreciated

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